Icelandair Cancellation & Refund Policy

Icelandair is known as the best airline of Icelandair, and the head office is located at Keflavik International Airport in Icelandair. If you booked flight tickets with Icelandair, and are willing to know about the Icelandair cancellation policy, then you are at the right place! Moreover, the airline is the best in reserving a flight ticket booking instantly and when you need to cancel or change your flight ticket.

Further, Icelandair allows you to rescind your flight ticket online hassle-free. Also, passengers acquire a refund online by visiting the official website of Icelandair Airlines. Furthermore, we will highlight the important points that you should need to know before canceling your flight reservation with Icelandair.

Terms & Conditions For Cancellation Policy For Icelandair

  • If passengers book flight tickets with Icelandair, the airline does not charge any service fee or additional cost to the passengers.
  • Moreover, all the refundable tickets do not draw flight ticket cancellation charges if the ticket cancels up to 24 hours after purchasing under the Icelandair cancellation policy.
  • If the passenger cancels their flight ticket after the scheduled departure, the ticket value will be forfeited by Icelandair Airlines, and the refund will not be provided to the passenger.
  • However, the cancellation policy may differ for non-refundable flight tickets. Besides, the flight tickets must be canceled up to a day prior to the departure after this period, and the airline will deduct the whole ticket value as a cancellation fee.
  • On the other hand, if the airline cancels your flight ticket, no cancellation will be charged to the passenger.
  • If a passenger has the Award tickets, they will not be eligible to cancel their flight booking. Besides, if they cancel their flight ticket, the airline will not provide a refund to them as per Icelandair’s cancellation policy.
  • Moreover, the passengers are allowed to cancel their flight reservation up to a day of planned departure.
  • Additionally, the airline will deliver your refund amount to your account within 15 to 20 business days if you cancel your flight reservation.
  • Similarly, if the airline awards an e-Credit travel voucher as a refund, you can use it for your next flight reservation. However, the validity of a refund is one year.

Icelandair 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

  • Icelandair Airlines has designed a 24-hour cancellation policy for its customers to fulfill their needs & requirements.
  • Besides, the airline offers various benefits for flight booking.
  • If you cancel your flight booking within 24 hours of purchasing, you will not pay any charges.
  • If a passenger buy a flight ticket seven days or more prior to the departure date, Icelandair Airlines will facilitate a full refund amount.
  • Likewise, the airline reserves the right to rescind the flight ticket within a risk-free period under Icelandair 24 cancellation policy.
  • If you cancel your itinerary a few hours before departure and the trip less than seven days in advance, the airline will charge a fee depending on the fare and destination.

Icelandair Airlines Flight Cancellation Fees

  • The Icelandair ticket cancellation fees are based on multiple factors such as time of flight cancellation, days of flight cancellation, destination, and many more.
  • If passengers miss the risk-free period, the Icelandair cancellation fee will be charged to the passenger.
  • Moreover, the passengers who purchase Economy Lite tickets have to pay 70% of the ticket fare as flight cancellation charges.
  • If you buy the protection plan by paying $27, you do not need to pay a cancellation fee. However, you are eligible to get a refund within 14 to 17 days.
  • Likewise, passengers without any plan will not acquire a refund after 24 hours of booking. Passengers with non-refundable flight tickets who cancel their flight reservation must pay cancellation charges to obtain a refund from Icelandair Airlines.

How To Cancel Icelandair Flight Tickets?

If you purchase a flight ticket with Icelandair and wish to cancel it due to some emergency. Then, you need to learn the procedure for Icelandair flight cancellation. To do this, passengers have their flight ticket number to proceed with the flight cancellation process. Once your flight cancellation is completed, you will get information about the refund options that you had to choose.

Online Icelandair Flight Cancellation

  • To start, visit the official website of Icelandair, and move to the booking tab.
  • Now, click on the booking section, select the login tab, and mention your login credentials.
  • Then, go to the flight section, and choose the name and number from the booking area.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions, and choose the cancel and continue buttons.
  • Further, choose the return flight option, and enter your bank details if you are eligible to get a refund.
  • However, you can claim a refund under the Icelandair cancellation policy and expect to get a refund within a day.
  • Lastly, if you did not obtain your refund value, you can choose another option, like you can connect with customer executives, as they can assist you with all the required information in real-time.

Offline Icelandair Flight Cancellation

  • It is one of the convenient options to get in touch with Icelandair. Besides, passengers can dial Icelandair customer service (00) 1-800-223-5500 to speak with a human.
  • They will solve all your queries and concerns associated with a flight cancellation, flight reservation, and refund.
  • You need to provide your booking details to the customer executive and share the reason for the flight cancellation so that they can start the process of your flight cancellation.
  • Lastly, examine your alternative for repayment on your flight ticket.

Icelandair Flight Cancellation at The Airport

  • First, you must visit the nearest airport where you have chosen to catch your flight.
  • Then, meet a representative at the flight ticket counter, and request them to cancel your flight reservation.
  • Afterward, they will process your flight cancellation and inform you whether you are eligible to receive a refund or not.

Icelandair Refund Policy

If you cancel your Icelandair flight tickets and want to obtain your refund, you should read the refund policy of Icelandair. Here, you will get all the information for the same.

  • If you wish to get a full refund, you need to cancel your flight through the official website or call customer service within 24 hours of flight purchase.
  • Passengers should purchase refundable flight tickets so that they can claim a full refund.
  • Besides, if you purchase non-refundable flight tickets, you can receive a full refund from Icelandair Airlines.
  • Moreover, the refund amount will take 12 to 17 working days, or maybe it depends on the payment mode.

Note: You will get the refund amount to the same bank account number used at the time of flight reservation under the Icelandair refund policy.

How Do I Get A Refund From Icelandair?

The passengers would be eligible for a full refund if they canceled their flight 24 hours after the ticket purchase.
However, flight booking cancellation depends on the time of ticket cancellation, route, etc.
If you rescind your flight booking within a week of departure, you will not be facilitated with any refund.

Steps to Request For A Refund from Icelandair Airlines

  • First, you need to go to the official website of Icelandair.
  • Then, check your eligibility to obtain a refund or not after canceling your flight booking.
  • Now, click on the request on the refund page.
  • Further, fill out the refund request form and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

Note: Using the above method, you can obtain your refund hassle-free. But, if you have any doubts, you can call Icelandair customer service at (00) 1-800-223-5500 any time.

Icelandair Flight Compensation Policy

If Icelandair Airlines cancels your flight, you are eligible to get compensation. On the other hand, the airline will provide you with an opportunity to rebook your flight tickets to the next available flight.

Also, they may get the exclusive VIP lounge at the airport and more. Moreover, the compensation value may differ between 250€ to 600€ based on the travel distance and time of the delay. However, the amount may decrease by 50%, and you may acquire up to 300€ for a travel route distance of over 3500 km if EU borders were not met.

What Happens If I Cancel My Icelandair Flight?

Regarding Icelandair flight cancellation, it depends on the fare you have purchased and round-trip tickets within Icelandair. Besides, you will cancel your flight and claim a refund if you bought a basic class ticket after 24 hours of reservation.

Furthermore, you may pay a few dollars depending on the departure time if you have international and domestic flight tickets. However, you can rescind the e-Credit flight ticket as per your requirements prior to the flight departure, and the airline will provide your money back. Moreover, you will obtain the remaining value of the ticket as a travel voucher.


Now, you have got all the necessary information about Icelandair’s cancellation policy. If you still have concerns regarding this, you can dial Icelandair Airlines’ phone number to get instant help.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q- Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight?

Yes, Icelandair allows its passengers to rescind their reservation and get a full refund for free.

Q- Is Icelandair giving refunds for Cancelled flights?

If your flight will cancel by the airline, you do not want to reschedule your flight. You can ask for a full refund.

Q- Can I cancel Icelandair within 24 hours?

Yes, you can cancel your flight booking up to 24 hours before the departure to acquire a full refund.

Q- How much refund do I get if I cancel my flight?

The refund amount is always the value of the ticket purchase.

Q- How late can you cancel a flight?

Passengers can cancel their flights for approx. ten minutes before the flight’s planned departure.