Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

How to Change Your Name on a Flight Ticket With Delta?

Delta Airlines name change policy allows passengers to make name changes for a fee. Similarly, the airline designs a Delta name change policy for domestic and international routes, under the 24-hour of purchase. As per the rules of the Department of Transformation, the airline is permitted to modify the name of the passenger to make sure that the name on the ticket matches the name on the passport or a valid photo ID.

Additionally, Delta does not permit you to modify the full name on a ticket. In all cases, passengers traveling on the flight need to be the same person for whom the ticket was purchased. To make a name change on a Delta ticket, you need to meet the below conditions.

  • The flight for which you change the name served by Delta Airlines. Also, the ticket stock should start with the number 006.
  • In addition, the request for Delta Airlines to change name on ticket allows for the flight segments only for codeshare and interline flights.
  • Similarly, only one reissue is permitted per flight ticket to make name corrections on Delta Airlines.
  • However, you cannot modify the fare class, flight date, or destination point. Also, changes for gender or date of birth are allowed. Likewise, you can only change up to the three characters on your name.
  • Besides, as per the Delta name change policy, you can change their date of birth or gender.
  • Moreover, minor corrections can modify the date of birth only for the errors committed while making flight reservations.
  • On the other hand, one correction per passenger is allowed for a single name change request on Delta Airlines.
  • Also, if the Delta name correction request is done and needs more alternation, then the ticket is required to be reissued for the second time.

Delta Airlines Change Name on the Ticket

Below is an overview of the request for Delta flight name change that is allowed under the name change policy of the airline.

Correction TypeAcceptable Changes
1. First, Middle, Last Names
2. Nickname to the Legal name
3. Inverted Names Adding the Middle names
4. Add an last name
These modifications are necessary given that the name on the ticket should match to the government-approved ID/passport. Additionally, the date of birth and the gender must remain identical to the government-issued ID/passport.
Add a legal name under the circumstances of Marriage, Divorce, and AdoptionOSI Delta name change rejection code would be applicable
Delta adds a middle name to the ticketAccording to the Delta Name Change policy, the middle name correction required the rebooking of the correct name of the passenger in a new flight reservation. It consists of a new PNR and a record locator.

Moreover, passengers need to implement the following points while making requests for a Delta name change on ticket.

  • The above chart will give you an idea of how one can request a name change on Delta.
  • Besides, Delta Airlines name change policy applies to both restricted and non-restricted fares as well.
  • Similarly, the minor name change contains character modifications for the same PNR number.
  • Further, adding or removing are permitted for the middle names. In this case, the airline provides you a new PNR number, defragment the respected passengers if the booking contains more than a single passenger, and issues a new ticket number using his/her name.
  • Moreover, the secure flight passenger details should be added again to the flight PNR number with the updated name. Similarly, it must match the government-issued photo ID and the passport.
  • Additionally, an OSI entry should add when requesting for name change Delta Airlines. For example, OSI DL NAME CORRECTION.

Delta Airlines Name Change Due to Marriage

If you are required to modify your name due to your marriage or divorce, then the airline will ask you to show some documents (Divorce decree, marriage certificate, etc.). Besides, your flight ticket will be reissued and you have to pay the Delta name change fee to the airline.

Delta Airlines Name Change Fee

Suppose a passenger changes or corrects their name within 24 hours of booking. They need to pay only 125 USD as a
Delta name change fee. However, the reservation would be issued for the same class, as the fare difference also applies.

Once 24 hours have passed, you have to pay 275 USD to alter your name on your ticket. Besides, the flight booking would be issued for the same or lower class. Fare differences may apply.

How to Change Name On The Delta Airline Tickets?

Delta Airlines name correction or change can be done when the fare rules of your booking allow for the name change. Under the Delta name change policy, to correct the name, one should follow the criteria mentioned below.

  • First, the flight should be served by Delta Airlines with 006 stock number to issue the ticket.
  • Also, Delta Airlines must be the certified airline.
  • Likewise, if you already check-in, you cannot change your name.

Method 1: Delta Name Change Online

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Delta Airlines and then move to the “My Trip” section.
  • Secondly, enter the last name and the booking confirmation number to access your flight reservation page.
  • After that, click on the “Name Correction” tab. Then, select the check box.
  • Now, the name shown on the ticket must match a government-issued photo ID and a passport.
  • Besides, you can only correct up to the three characters, either on the first name of the passenger or on the last name.
  • Further, once you make the Delta Airlines name change on a ticket request successfully, click on “Confirm & Save” to complete the process.
  • Then, pay the fee and the fare difference if required.
  • Finally, you will get the confirmation email regarding your updated flight ticket.

Method 2: Delta Airlines Name Change Offline

  • To initiate this process, you must have the Delta Airlines customer service phone number (1 (800) 221-1212).
  • Then, dial the number from your phone and connect to the Delta agents.
  • After that, you need to share your ticket number and PNR number to get your booking information.
  • Now, request him to change or correct your name as per your requirements.
  • Further, you may have to provide a copy of your passport and government-issued photo ID through email.
  • Next, simply pay the Delta Airlines name change fee, and the fare difference applies to your ticket. However, the flight ticket would be reissued to the lower class or the same class.
  • At last, once the transactions are done, you will acquire an email in the form of confirmation of your name change on your Delta ticket.

Delta Name Change Through the Mobile App

Suppose you have already installed the mobile application for Delta Airlines. Then you just need to consider some simple steps to change your name on the ticket. Besides, simply open the booking for which you want to alter the name and choose the “Modify Flights” app. Here, you can easily make the necessary changes following the name change rules of the airline.

Can I Change the Name on Delta Airlines Flight Ticket?

Yes, the airline allows you to change or correct the name under the Delta name change policy. So, you can change your name on the flight ticket. Just call the customer service phone number to modify your name. Provide PNR or booking number to access your booking.

Moreover, with Delta Airlines, passengers can use multiple methods to change or correct their wrong name on the ticket. You can go to the official Delta Airlines website. Furthermore, Delta Airlines name change and correction costs after 24-hour of booking are $75 to $500. However, the charges may fluctuate as they are based on the flight timings or routes.

Can I Change the Passenger Name Online on Delta Airlines?

Yes, you can easily change your name using your SkyMiles account, by providing the specified documents. For this, you need to log in to your SkyMiles account, and then fill out the Identity Verification Form. After that, you need to attach a copy of the document along with the form.

On the other hand, if you wish to change, alter, or update your middle name, then the airline will not ask you to show the documents. To do this, simply get into your account and make the desired changes. In these cases, you can also directly connect with the Delta Airlines main office to get assistance.

Delta Airlines SkyMiles Name Change Policy

You can update or change your name using your SkyMiles account, and also you can change your gender or date of birth by showing the legal documnets to the airline. To make the Delta name change online, just log in to your account and then you will get an Identity verification form to fill out. You can also attach a copy of the needed documents along with the form.

Further, if you are willing to make modifications to your middle name, then you do not need to show any documents. You can just sign in to your SkyMiles account and make changes to your middle name.


Hopefully, the above post has helped you and solved your doubts regarding Delta Airlines’ name change. However, if you want additional assistance, you need to just dial the Delta Airlines helpline number and solve your queries with the help of experts 24/7.

People Asked Questions Delta Airlines Related:-

Q. Can you change the name on a Delta plane ticket?

Yes, but Delta Airlines does not permit you to alter the complete name on a ticket. Moreover, you can only change the three characters of your name on the ticket.

Q. How do I change my name to Delta?

To modify the name with Delta Airlines, you have to log in to get the identity verification form, submit the documents, and complete the request. Besides, changing the name on the ticket required a copy of legal documentation.

Q. Can you change the name on a plane ticket?

Yes, Delta Airlines name changes are free of charge within 24-hour of booking the flight ticket. After this specified time, you have to pay the charges for a name change imposed by the airline.

Q. How long does it take for Delta to update your name?

To update your name, Delta Airlines takes 24 hours after you make a request for a name change online. For more details, you can connect with the airline anytime, as the experts will provide you with the information you are looking for.

Q. Can names be changed on airline tickets at Delta?

Yes, Delta Airlines enables the passengers to change or correct the name when needed. However, the passenger needs to remain the same and provide the legal documents including marriage or divorce certificate, and a legal photo ID.

Q. I forgot to put my middle name on the plane ticket on Delta. What should I do?

If you forgot to mention your middle name shile booking your flight, then do not worry as the airline allows you to board the flight without any hassle. But, you must have your government approved photo ID.