Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

Can I Change the Ticket Name for Turkish Airlines?

Have you ever faced a situation where you entered an incorrect name while booking your flight? Turkish Airlines understands these situations, and yes, you can change the name on the flight ticket. Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy states that you can change your name through the official website. In this blog, we will learn all about the name change policy/ rules/ process/ Fee/ and more.

What is Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy?

Turkish Airlines name change on ticket policy differs depending on the kind of ticket and the route. On international flights, name changes are typically prohibited. However, they might be available for a cost on internal flights inside Turkey. The fare class and ticket terms determine the specific terms and charges.

Please visit Turkish Airlines’ official website or get in touch with them directly for accurate details regarding your reservation and the relevant name change rules. Keep in mind that policies might alter over time, and the viability of a name change may depend on certain situations.

Guidelines of Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

Turkish Airlines name change policy guidelines may include limitations on foreign travel and the potential for fines on internal travel.

  • Turkish Airlines permits passengers to change the name on their ticket in the occasion of a minor error.
  • To avoid a service charge, change the name within 24 hours of the reservation.
  • Turkish Airlines allows for corrections of up to four characters.
  • After check-in, the name on a reservation cannot be changed or revised.
  • Having miles accrued, discounts received, or membership in a rewards program prevents you from editing your name.
  • Turkish Airlines only permits one name change per regulation.
  • For single-passenger tickets, Turkish Airlines has a different name change policy than for group reservations, the latter of which are subject to contractual restrictions.
  • Turkish Airlines will not charge anything from passengers who have gold or Platinum status and wish to change their name.
  • Similarly, the airline does not charge any fee to make the name change within one hour of departure.
  • Passengers can only make minor modifications to your name on the flight ticket.
  • However, Turkish Airlines will charge you the fee when you request to make the major changes.
  • You have to provide your divorce certificate to amend your name when you have divorced your partner.
  • Passengers need to change their name 48 hours before departure when they are traveling abroad and wish to change their name.
  • Moreover, the airline enables you to modify your middle name for up to two characters.

Types of Turkish Airlines Name Change

There are different types of name changes allowed by the airline for the ease of its passengers. However, the rules for each kind of name change are different.

First/Middle Name Correction

You can correct the first/middle name on your flight ticket. Similarly, the new ticket reissue does not involve any date/flight changes. The airline will not require any waiver code for the same.

Correct the Last Name

Remember that you can only correct up to three characters when you want to modify the last name of the passenger. You may require additional assistance from the experts to make significant modifications to your name.

Add Last Name to Passenger’s Ticket

Passengers need to contact Turkish Airlines to correct their name on a PNR without any waiver code. The agents will help you to add the middle name/initials. For example: you can amend the name on a ticket from John to John Anderson.

How to Change the Name on the Turkish Airlines Ticket?

Turkish Airlines offers multiple ways to change names on their flight. The airline understands the needs & requirements of the passengers. So, you can pick one as per your preference. Let’s learn the ways in a detailed manner for better understanding.

Through the official website:

It is the most preferred option used by passengers when it comes to changing a name on a Turkish Airlines ticket. Consider the below steps to modify your name.

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines through your preferred browser.
  • Click on the Manage My Booking tab available on the homepage.
  • Fill out the required details in the given space, such as the last name of the passenger and the booking number.
  • You will acquire a page in which you can see all your reservations. Click on your wish to change a name.
  • Here, you can modify your name and check it twice, as it must be the same with your passports/other documents.
  • After that, you need to pay the fee (when applicable) to confirm your name change as per the Turkish airline name change policy.
  • Similarly, you have to pay the fare difference when required.
  • Click on Save to save all the changes and verify them once more time so you can avoid any hassle.
  • Finally, wait to get the confirmation email or text from the airline about your new name.

Turkish Airlines Name Correct Fee

Turkish Airlines asked the passengers to pay the charges to change/correct their names on Turkish Airlines tickets. Similarly, you can’t modify your name without paying the fee.

  • The name change charge is $300 in many scenarios based on the name change policy of Turkish Airlines.
  • The cost to amend a name remains the same as some factors do not affect it. It may include travel class/ type of the trip/ kind of ticket/etc.
  • Besides, passengers can even cancel their booking as it is the most preferred opton regarding having any complex name.
  • Besides, the airline allows its passengers to cancel their reservation 24 hours after departure at no additional cost.
  • On the other hand, the airline asks you to pay the Turkish Airlines cancellation fee after this risk-free period.
  • Likewise, the service charge may differ as it depends on the different factors.

In a Nutshell!

Turkish is the finest airline in terms of its services. The airline always works to fulfill the needs & requirements of its passengers. Due to this, the airline designs a Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy that permits the passengers to modify their name on the ticket when needed. You must learn the fee criteria to amend a name as mentioned above to avoid any future trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Can you change the name on an already booked flight?

You can modify the name on the flight ticket but the airline will charge you a fee to do the same. Sometimes, the airline enables you to modify the name due to spelling mistakes.

Does Turkish Airlines allow changes?

The changes made between 1-12 hours before the flight departure will be done through a penalty of 1375 TL, and it will be refunded when there is a different fare. Besides, the airline does not charge for the changes made within 12 hours or more.

Can airlines change passenger names?

Currently, name changes on a confirmed booking are not allowed, and the tickets are non-transferable as well. Similarly, you will need to revoke your flight ticket and book a new flight ticket along with the new name of the passenger.