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Tap Air Portugal Cancellation Policy II Refund II Fee

If you have purchased flight tickets with Tap Portugal and wish to cancel your flight reservation, then you need to gather proper information about the same. Moreover, passengers can cancel their flight booking with the Tap Portugal cancellation policy. It allows you to revoke your flight booking in a specified time frame set by the airline.

Further, you must know about Tap Air Portugal Airlines for better understanding. It is the largest airline with a large network of international and local routes. Air Portugal is famous among travelers for its top-class services and facilities. Besides, the airline makes it easy for its travelers to book, cancel, and change flights. We will discuss the cancellation policy of Tap Portugal in detail.

Tap Portugal Cancellation Policy

According to Tap Portugal’s cancellation policy, travelers can revoke their flight booking hassle-free. In addition, you may obtain a refund if you cancel your flight for a valid reason. Read the points given below carefully to know more:

  • The airline allows you to cancel the flight if you have an emergency and cannot attend the flight.
  • Moreover, passengers can claim a full refund online by filling out a refund request form on the official website.
  • However, the refund will only be provided to eligible canceled flight tickets within a specified time frame.
  • If you fail to cancel your flight ticket a day before the flight’s scheduled departure, the airline will not provide you with a refund.
  • In addition, the airline initiates your refund request within a few days and provides your refund amount within 7 to 10 business days.
  • If the Tap Portugal Airline cancels your flight ticket due to any reason, then the airline will provide compensation to book your flight under the Tap Portugal cancellation policy.
  • Consequently, you are able to cancel your flight reservation and make a request for a refund from the Tap Portugal airline.

Tap Portugal 24-Hours Cancellation Policy

Tap Portugal Airlines makes the 24 hours cancellation policy customer-friendly so that it will be easy for travelers to use the policy. If you follow the rules of this policy, you can easily cancel your flight booking for free and can claim a refund. If you wish to cancel your flight without paying any charges, then you need to read the points mentioned below terms carefully.

  • TAP Air Portugal does not charge a cancellation fee for cancellations done within 24 hours of the flight booking.
  • Passengers can make free cancellations regardless of the destination and the fare type they were planning to fly.
  • Moreover, the flight cancellation must be complete within 24 hours of the flight purchase according to the Tap Portugal 24 hours cancellation policy.
  • Besides, if the tickets are canceled within 24 hours you are eligible to receive a full refund of the ticket fare.
  • In addition, it is applicable for up to a week before the scheduled departure of your booked flight.

Tap Portugal Flight Cancellation Fee

If you are willing to know about the cancellation fee of Tap Portugal, you need to go through the given below points carefully.

  • The cancellation compensation of Tap Portugal depends on the destination and fare type selected by you.
  • Additionally, when you are revoking your flight reservation, it plays an important role for the airline.
  • For example, you will not need to pay a fee anytime if you rescind your flight within 24 hours of the ticket purchase.
  • You must pay the Tap Portugal cancellation fee if you cancel your flight after the risk-free period.
  • It means you are responsible for paying cancellation fees that range from $100 to $500.
  • However, if passengers cancel their flight booking before the planned departure, they have to pay $100 to $400 to Tap Portugal Airlines.

Tap Portugal Cancellation Compensation

As we discussed above, the passengers of Tap Portugal facilitate cancellation compensation in specific circumstances. For instance, if Tap Portugal cancels the flight. Then, the airline will provide you the compensation in the form of a refund or flight rebooking. However, you need to contact Tap Portugal Airlines if you wish to know more about the cancellation compensation of Tap Portugal.

How To Cancel A Flight With Tap Air Portugal?

The airline always tries to provide the best services to its passengers. Moreover, it is one of the main reasons that most passengers choose Tap Portugal Airlines. On the other hand, the airline provides multiple ways to easily cancel the flight to facilitate the Tap Portugal cancellation policy. You are allowed to choose one as per your suitability.

Method 1: Tap Portugal Flight Cancellation Via Official Website

  • First, you must go to the official website of Tap Portugal.
  • Second, you must log in to your account using Tap Air Portugal credentials.
  • Then, you will see your flight booking.
  • Now, choose the one in which you wish to make a flight cancellation.
  • Next, once you select the cancel, you need to mention some required details in the given area.
  • Further, you must choose the “Cancel” option.
  • Afterward, you may get the details of whether you are eligible for a refund or not.
  • Lastly, once you have done this procedure, you will receive a confirmation email on your registered email.

Method 2: Tap Portugal Flight Cancellation Via Customer Service

You can rescind your flight ticket by dialing the Tap Portugal customer service phone number ((+351) 211234400) to directly connect with a live person. Besides, passengers are allowed to connect with the number anytime, according to their convenience.

Moreover, you must listen & follow the IVR instructions carefully to get in touch with a live person. The airline representatives will assist you and solve all your Tap Portugal cancellation policy queries.

Method 3: Tap Portugal Flight Cancellation Via Visiting Airport

  • If you wish to consider this method, you must visit your nearest airport first.
  • Then, you need to go to the ticket counter of Tap Portugal.
  • Now, you must talk to the airline representatives to cancel your flight booking.
  • Finally, once your flight cancellation request is accepted, you will get your amount back in your account.

Tap Air Portugal Refund Policy

Being a reputed airline, Tap Portugal Airlines also provides an easy and stress-free refund policy for the convenience of its passengers. Similarly, you need to read the points given below to get a better knowledge of the same.

Tap Portugal Cancellation Policy

  • If a passenger cancels their flight reservation within 24 hours of purchasing, they will get a full refund from the airline.
  • In this case, the airline will credit your full amount as a refund, no matter what fare type you have chosen.
  • However, suppose you cancel your flight booking after the risk-free period.
  • In that case, the airline has the right to deduct the Tap Portugal cancellation fee and refund the remaining amount in your registered account for up to 7 – 18 working days.
  • But, if the airline cancels your flight booking itself for any reason or corporate issues. Then, you will get the full amount as per Tap Air Portugal refund policy.
  • If any refunds are requested within 24 hours of the completion of the flight booking, it will be entitled to a full refund.

Is It Possible to Make a Refund Request Online?

Yes, passengers are allowed to make a request for a refund online. To do this, you must visit the official website, log into your account, and then submit a request. Once Tap Portugal Airline accepts your request, you will receive your refund directly in your account.

Tap Air Portugal Change Flight

If you wish to rebook or reschedule your flight reservation after cancel your flight, it is possible as per the Tap Portugal cancellation policy. However, you need to follow the given below steps for the same:

  • Firstly, you must go to  TAP Portugal’s official website.
  • Then, move to the “Manage My Booking” option.
  • Now, you need to click on the “Edit and Review” option.
  • Next, you have to provide some required information for your booking.
  • Click on the “Continue” tab.
  • Once your reservation is returned, you must choose an alternate flight.
  • In addition, check out the cost details and then select a payment option for the entire fee.
  • Finally, the airline will email you your new booking details.


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