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Aeromexico Flight Change Policy

Aeromexico is a known airline in Mexico, offering top-class services for multiple routes and destinations. If a customer reserves a Aeromexico flight and wants to modify their booking.

They need not be tense as Aeromexico Airlines have an experienced Aeromexico change flight policy. Customers can take advantage of the flight change service without hassle through the flight change policy.

But, customers should know the flight change policy deeply. Please read below the information in which we will understand the flight change policy, flight change fee, ways to change flight, etc.

Aeromexico Flight Change Policy: Terms & Conditions

The Aeromexico change flight policy covers you when you wish to change your flight. Whether you can modify it depends on the class of your flight, the distance of your new flight, etc.

Some certain rules and regulations apply.

  • The policy allows you to modify your booking 24 hours before scheduled departure. By doing this, you can save your money on Aeromexico change flight.
  • Customers can change their seats and reservation when changing flight tickets.
  • Also, they can easily update the travel class, time, date, passenger’s name, and other changes.
  • If a customer cannot change their flight for a genuine reason, the airline will refund you the non-refundable portion of ticket charges.
  • However, they cannot make changes to long-distance flights.

How Much Does It Cost To Change A Flight On Aeromexico?

Passengers who want to make changes in their Aeromexico Booking Flight. They should know about the Aeromexico change flight charges and penalties. The basic knowledge of Aeromexico change flight fee will give you an idea of to use the service.

Flight Change Fees for Different Fares are Listed Below:

  • Classic fare: Cost up to $300 USD
  • Comfort fare: Cost up to $300 USD
  • AM+ fare: Cost up to $300 USD
  • Basic fare: No Fee
  • Premier fare: No Fee
  • Flexible fare: No Fee

How to Change Aeromexico Flight Tickets Online?

Aeromexico Airlines provides an online option to change your flight easily.

  • Aeromexico’s change flight process is simple. Visit the airline’s official website.
  • Select the “manage Booking” option and mention your booking information in the given space.
  • Choose the Modify button and make changes to your flight reservation.
  • Pay the flight change fee if required and wait to receive the confirmation email from the airline. Read the below steps carefully and follow:

How to Change Aeromexico Flight Tickets Offline?

Most people still follow offline methods for booking and managing flight tickets. Every flyer is taken care of By Aeromexico. Consequently, it offers its passengers offline ticket buying and administration options.

Passengers can request Aeromexico change flights at an Aeromexico reservation centre or call the customer service department at +52 (55) 5133 4000. The expert advisors from Aeromexico will always be available to help you and solve all your queries.

How Can Customers Reschedule Aeromexico Airlines Flight?

Customers can easily reschedule their flight booking according to their suitability. To do this, they need to follow some steps that are given below:

  • First, go to the official website of Aeromexico Airlines.
  • Second, you will get an option of “My Trip” at the top.
  • Select that option to review the modification.
  • After that, once you read, move to the flight status.
  • Now, mention your last name and a flight ticket number.
  • Select the edit open to making the changes.
  • Finally, pay the flight change fee and hit the submit button.

How Can I Modify My Aeromexico Flight Ticket Date?

If you want to change the flight ticket date, then you can follow the below steps:

  • First, navigate to the official website of Aeromexico Airlines.
  • Second, select the “Manage My Booking” option.
  • Then, choose the “Change” option.
  • Atlast, make the changes as per your requirements.
  • Or call 1-860-364-8556 to the airline helpline to get changes in your ticket.

Aeromexico Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Policy

Aeromexico also offers customers a same-day rebooking option. Also, it allowing them to avail and experience the advantage of rebooking a flight ticket on the original travel date.

However, this service is only available up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. Ensure that you modify your flight ticket booking at least one hour before the scheduled departure.

  • International flights with Aeromexico are not applicable for Aeromexico change flight policy on the same-day.
  • The flight you select must take the same travel plans and meet at the same airport as the genuine trip.
  • When you are using offline and online mode. There is no chance to take early flight.
  • Customers must pay the charges for change and any fare difference between flights.

Manage Your Trip With Aeromexico Real-Time Help

The airline offers real-time help facilities to its customers through professionals, permitting them to be connected through multiple networks. Current and prospective clients can contact Aeromexico Airlines executives to obtain new reservations.

There are many ways to connect with Aeromexico Airlines, including registered helpline numbers, online chat, and email service.


The above information regarding Aeromexico change flight will help you change your flight smoothly with the airline. If you need assistance with an airline’s flight change policy, please call Aeromexico’s customer service number. Let our representatives guide you through the flight change policies and processes that make boarding hassle-free with Aeromexico.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- Can I change the date of my Aeromexico flight?

Customers can change the date of their flight under the policy of Aeromexico flight change.

Q- Can you get your money back if you cancel flights?

You are eligible for a refund if the airline cancels your flight ticket for any reason and you do not want to change your flight.

Q- How late can I cancel a flight?

Flight change can be made aprox. 10 min before the departure.

Q- What happens if you miss your flight?

If you miss your Aeromexico flight, you can rebook the next flight at no charge.

Q- Can you cancel flights for one person?

Yes, the option is available to cancel one person’s flight booking and not the other.

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