How to Book a Multi-City Flight on United Airlines?


Do you plan to book a multi-city flight with your family and search for the best airline? If so, then your answer is United Airlines Multi City. Moreover, this airline is popular as a low-cost airline amongst passengers and provides eye-catching facilities to its passengers.

Booking multi-city flights would help if you opted for this particular airline. Similarly, this feature permits you to book multi-city flights to more than one destination wherever you want to go. However, you need to be aware of the booking procedure of the same, so continue reading to understand the process and more.

How to Book Multi-city Flights with United Airlines?

  • Are you wondering about the process of booking? Below are the proven steps that allow you to reserve your muti-city United.
  • First, you must head to the official website of United Airlines from your browser.
  • Then, move to the “Booking” option.
  • Now, you must choose the”Advanced Search” option and look for a new page.
  • Click on the “Multi-City” tab from the trip type options here.
  • Further, you must select the “Add Another Destination” tab to book flights for another preferred destination.
  • Moreover, ensure that United Airlines only allows you to add up to six destinations under one reservation.
  • Next, select a flight option suitable for your journey and budget.
  • After that, you will go to the payment page where you need to pay.
    Finally, you will receive a confirmation email for your multi-city reservation from the airline.

Benefits of Booking United Airlines Multi city Flight

Before making a booking for Unite multi-city, you must keep an eye on its benefits. Furthermore, some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • You can explore various places in a particular booking and easily organize your trip with the help of professionals.
  • In addition, you can purchase tickets for multiple cities at a low cost compared to a single flight ticket cost.
  • Booking a multi-city flight is an amazing, underutilized path to save money and time during travel.
  • Besides, when you go to a multi-city with kids, it will be more comfortable as you will get stopovers between the flight and enjoy your journey.
  • Similarly, United Airlines’ multi-city feature allows you to make a multiple-city booking for a business trip.
  • Additionally, you can speak to United agents to add stops to your travel plans that can be covered in a single trip.

What Is the Best Time to Book United Airlines Multi-city Flights?

When we book flights for multi-city, it is the best time as per the airline. So, the ideal time to buy tickets for multi-city is on weekdays, early in the summer, and during the off-season. Here are some of the tips to book multiple-destination tickets.

  • First, you need to be an early bird so that you will find the best prices to book your multi-city tickets.
  • Besides, please book when it is not peak season, as the airline currently provides the lowest tickets for multi-city.
  • In addition, you can book your tickets on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday as it is known as peak-off days.

Why Choose the United Airlines to Book a Multi-City Flight?

Well, some reasons make the United multi-city flights the best choice. In addition, the airline operates more than 300 daily destinations on five continents. Moreover, the airline agents also assist you if you are going to book a business trip or vacation. Below are the popular multi-city stops that come under international flights:

Popular Multi-City Stops Within The United States

You can find the easiest and most effective way to travel to each destination when booking United Airlines Multi-City flights. Here are some of the multi-destination trips within the US.

  • New York to Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles to Orlando
  • Orlando to Miami
  • Miami to Atlanta
  • Atlanta to Las Vegas

Why Book International Multi-City Flights with United?

United Airlines offers various flight options you can add to your multi-city destination. Moreover, you can book your multiple-city tickets with a wide collection of over 300 destinations as per your desire. The airline flies to five continents. United Airlines provides all types of multi-city trips whether it is a business trip or exploring different places while your time off.

Some international multi-city stops with United Airlines Are:

John F. Kennedy International Airport to Frankfurt to Amsterdam
John F. Kennedy International Airport to Chicago to San Francisco
John F. Kennedy International Airport to Paris to London

Is Choosing the United Airlines Multi-City Booking Cheaper than Other Trips?

Yes, when booking multi-city United, the airline offers a huge discount as it is for more than one destination. It is for various destinations up to six as per the airline. Consequently, travelers can book their multiple-destination reservations at an affordable cost. So, book your multi-city flight on United Airlines today!

Is It Possible to Make a Seat Selection with United Airlines Multi-City Booking?

No, according to the updated information from United Airlines, it is clearly said by the airline that passengers cannot make United Airlines seat selections when booking. Besides, the seat is assigned by the airline at the time of check-in. You can directly connect with the airline to clarify your doubts.

To book your multi-city flight tickets on United Airlines, you can use these tricks to avail the cheapest flight tickets for your travel. Moreover, you can also connect to our team.

In Conclusion!

Passengers can book their tickets for multiple cities by considering the United Airlines Multi-City booking process given above or by connecting with the airline customer service team. For any doubt or query, you can connect with the professionals at through this website. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to book multi-city flights?

You can absolutely book a multi-city flight with United Airlines. Travelers can use the official website of the airline to book their multiple-city flight tickets. One can add up to six destinations to the reservation for various places.

How do I book a trip with multiple destinations?

It is very easy to book a multiple-city trip on United. Simply find the Multi-City option on your desired travel website and follow the simple instructions. You can also call the airline directly to do the same.

Is multi-city cheaper than one way?

It is usually cheaper to lump all the flights together on a single itinerary than to buy one-way flight tickets. Moreover, it is cheaper to purchase short-haul flight tickets one by one once you reach the region you wish to visit.

How does multi-city flight booking work?

One can book a round trip for multiple routes in each direction by selecting “Multi-city” as the trip type. The multi-city feature offered by the airline is very useful as it allows the passengers to explore more than one city under a single reservation.

Is there an app for multiple destinations?

Yes. MyRouteOnline enables passengers to map upwards of 350 stops on each route, either by time or distance. Additionally, it is like the route planner for passengers who have a large list of destinations and customers along their routes, as it enables them to enjoy the various stops.

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