How to Talk to a Person at Ethiopian Airlines?


Did you just book your flight with Ethiopian Airlines? But is there an issue? Need answers on: “How do I talk to someone on Ethiopian Airlines?” You need to dial the Ethiopian Airlines contact number +251 116 179 900. It is the only best way to connect to a local customer service department. 

For instance, Ethiopian Airlines is a major carrier in Ethiopia that offers its services to various destinations across the globe. As a result, no passenger lacks behind in their knowledge about its flight services. Thus, offering brilliant customer service is a part of their excellence in the air travel business.

Whenever the passengers come across a difficult situation in their air travel planning, they need expert advice. And Ethiopian Airlines customer service can bring them one step closer to their perfect flights with the airline. 

Therefore, if you have the urgency to talk to someone on Ethiopian Airlines, fret not. For more, you can find the information below and get the details.

How do I Get Tthrough Ethiopian Airlines?

Willing to get through an Ethiopian Airlines representative for assistance? To talk to a person at Ethiopian Airlines, dial 1 (800) 445-2733 on your phone. Resultantly, you can get the answers you want from the airline. 

You may not find options other than a phone number. The airline does have an email ID, and social media handles, but not any other ways to contact. These may help you connect to an Ethiopian Airlines manager for instant help with any of your troubles. However, you may know a few key points related to the flight.

Basic information about Ethiopian Airlines Customer service:

  • Ethiopian Airlines will offer you help 24/7 in any area of concern.
  • You can connect to the airline in several ways, each with an effective benefit.
  • Passengers can make many new service requests and also make changes to their existing ones with prior help from experts.
  • There are several regions that the airline serves, and thus, a separate phone number for each of them.
  • You can directly contact an area manager at Ethiopian Airlines for help.
  • The airline also asks you for feedback online and surveys at their call centers.

Therefore, if you need help from Ethiopian Airlines customer service agents, you must keep these things in mind. Additionally, the airline experts will always be there for you; it’s’ your choice on when to connect with them.

Talk to a Live person at Ethiopian Airlines.

The best way to talk to someone at Ethiopian Airlines is through the phone call method. You need to follow the simple process below and receive the information you need.

  • Open your web browser and find the official website of Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Enter their help and contacts section by clicking the link on the bottom.
  • Now, choose the phone number you wish to dial, or directly call Ethiopian Airlines phone number 1 (800) 445-2733.
  • An automated IVR voice menu will begin.
    • Press 1 to select the language and talk to an airline agent. Then the new menu begins.
    • Or, dial 2 to view the status of your flights with Ethiopian Airlines.
    • Press number 3 for new flight reservations.
    • Further, dial 4 to make changes or cancellations to your existing flights.
    • Press 5 for Miles’s information.
    • Dial number 6 to receive information about luggage details and inquiries.
    • To talk to a live person at Ethiopian Airlines customer service, Press *.
  • Dial * from here and you need to wait on hold until an airline representative speaks.
  • Now, you can explain your query to the agent and wait for the answers.
  • Finally, you can get what you want without trouble.

What are the regional Contact numbers of Ethiopian Airlines?


CountryPhone NumberCountryPhone Number
Angola+251-116-179 900Mali+223 44 96 00 33
Argentina+54 11 5168 6142Netherlands+31 85 001 3798
Austria+43 720 229149New Zealand+64 4 887 1261
Bahrain+251 116 179 900Nigeria+251 116 179 900
Belgium+32 78 25 92 42Norway800 73 634
Benin+229 62 50 09 79Oman+251 116 179 900
Botswana+267 8007861007Philippines+63 1 800 1322 0154
Brazil+55 19 4560 0377Poland+48 22 263 03 89
Canada+1 613 701 6473Portugal+351 800 832 061
China+86 4008-071-787Puerto Rico+1 787 339 2238
Egypt+20 800 000 9632Qatar+251 116 179 900
Estonia+372 8807941Russia+7 (495) 937-59-45
Ethiopia+251 116 179 900Saudi Arabia+251 116 179 900
France+33 9 (74 5)9 55 53Seychelles+251 116 179 900
Germany0800 0006062Singapore+65 3129 2255
Ghana+233 24 242 6303South Africa+27 87 551 8262
Guinea+224 660 71 03 28South Korea0030-8321-0197
Hong Kong+852 3008 3642Spain+34 518 89 99 48
India+91 80004 01687Sudan+249 15 655 9832
Indonesia+62 780 33218406Sweden+46105517457
Ireland+35319640402Switzerland+41 800 563 726
Israel+97233726991Tanzania+251 116 179 900
Italy+251 116 179( 900)Thailand+66 2 508 8794
Japan+81 50 3204 1144Turkey+251 116 179 900
Kenya+254 20 3892349Uganda+256 800 113274
Kuwait+251 116 179 900United Arab Emirates+971 800 0320372
Lithuania+370 5 214 1606United Kingdom+44 1753 967980
Madagascar+251 116 179 900United States, California+1 909 328 6127
Malaysia+60162991696United States, Florida, Oregon+1 352 436 1902

+1 458 204 1425

Ways to speak to someone at Ethiopian Airlines customer service

There are several options other than the Ethiopian airlines customer service phone number to connect with their managers for assistance. Therefore, you can use any of the services of the airline with expert help. Besides, you can receive immediate answers to all your troubles.

Let’s find out the major options that let you speak to an expert supervisor of Ethiopian Airlines!

Chat with Lucy

Lucy is a chatbot by Ethiopian Airlines. It offers all the answers pre-recorded for your major concerns. Then, you can talk to a live person at Ethiopian Airlines. Moreover, the agent will provide you with all the details about your air travel through this online service.

You may find Lucy under the contact and help section, and you can ask whatever you wish from it. So, hurry up and get the answers you need within no time.

Send an Email

Customers can also send an email to [email protected] and request the answers they need. The airline offers this method, especially for customers who wish to keep a copy of their conversation for later on.

Moreover, there are different email addresses for specific Ethiopian Airlines departments. Here are the details:

Bottom Line

Suppose your request is for live customer service support. In that case, you have the above-mentioned options for getting answers. In that case, get in touch with Ethiopian Airlines with your valid request. Besides, our airline experts will also help you to solve any of the problems you’ve been facing. Therefore, feel free to get in touch with our experts and find your answers.

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