How do I Talk to a Live Person at Royal Jordanian Airlines?


First-time travelers have several queries, concerns, and questions to ask. However, the most prominent of all is: “How do I Talk to a Live Person at Royal Jordanian Airlines?” When you are also one such travel, you may dial +962.6.5100000 and wait to connect to an airline expert.

When you are a novice in terms of air travel, choosing Royal Jordanian Airlines can be the best decision. The airline has carefully put together a team of experts willing to give it all to solve your doubts. Perhaps, you may find it even amazing to plan your whole itinerary with Royal Jordanian Airlines.

Do you have any queries that you want answers to from RJ? Let’s see how they work for you:

  • Royal Jordanian customer service experts are available 24/7 to offer you help with any service you wish.
  • The airline has separate departments and, thus, different phone numbers for each of them.
  • You can easily fetch these numbers from the airline’s official website and make a call.
  • Passengers are free to ask about flight policies, booking details, check-in, and more from the airline agents with ease.

Hence, if you need answers to your most important questions, you may keep reading and find out about them in detail.

How do I connect to Royal Jordanian customer service?

Do you wish to Talk to a Live Person at Royal Jordanian Airlines? You can call on Royal Jordanian phone number +962.6.5100000 and get in touch with them. However, calling is not the only way to speak to a customer service expert. 

You may find several options to connect to an airline expert at Royal Jordanian airlines. Hence, you are free to choose your options and get your desired answers. Read more to find out about everything on your own.

Connect to Royal Jordanian through phone

The best option you have is to connect with a Royal Jordanian customer service agent over the phone. The airline experts will cater to each one of your needs without any disregard. Below is the process to contact RJ airline experts in detail:

  • First of all, open the Royal Jordanian website on a device of your choice.
  • Locate the airline’s “Contact Us” section online.
  • Now, provide the details of your country with your name & Pin code in the designated fields.
  • Choose your preferred language, and you may see the number to call.
  • Make a call on the Royal Jordanian phone number and continue.
  • You will hear instructions from an IVR now.
  • Select the related number relevant to your request and connect to the live person.

Finally, you can explain your queries to the airline expert and find out your options to solve the query you are most uncertain about. However, there are still many other ways to talk to a live person at Royal Jordanian Airlines. Let’s find out!

Use the Live chat option of RJ

You also have the Royal Jordanian live chat option to chat with Royal Jordanian live chat agents. Below are details on how to contact RJ’s customer service representatives using the live chat service:

  • You must use any web browser to access the official Royal Jordanian website.
  • Next, you need to click on the “Contact Us” option. A sort of
  • After that, you need to fill in details such as passenger name, contact number, registered email ID, etc.
  • Additionally, you need to enter a target name and target date.
  • Now you can see different options on the screen. You must select the chat option.
  • You can also open the chatbox and fill in a question in the field provided, and click send.
  • As a result, a Royal Jordanian supervisor will receive your concerns. 
  • You will receive a proper solution within a few minutes

However, you are free to call the airline’s phone numbers if that is the only option you seek. And the airline experts will be obliged to help. Customers can call on the Royal Jordanian customer service number and receive the assistance they require.

Is Royal Jordanian on Social Media?

Though every customer prefers to communicate with a Royal Jordanian expert directly, there are still better options for instant help from the airline. You can also send your request to various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. All you have to do is open the app and search for the name of Royal Jordanian airline.

After that, you can enter your request in the direct message box and wait for the representative to respond. The agents at Royal Jordanian customer service USA will reply within no time as long as they are online.

Can I call Royal Jordanian Airlines to change my flights?

You can indeed call Royal Jordanian Airlines and change your flights with them. The airline has all the services starting from assistance with your booking, to changing the tickets. 

So, you may call the airline to first ask about the Royal Jordanian Flight Change Policy and further follow the process to change flights. Passengers can simply dial the airline’s phone number and ask the managers to cancel their flights for them. The agent will require you to pay certain flight change charges, and then your booking will be complete.

Furthermore, you can also make a call on the airline’s official phone numbers for their particular regions. Suppose you are in Chicago. The airline experts at their office will offer you all the help you need. Connect to the Royal Jordanian customer service number Chicago and get your answers from the airline.

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