What Happens If I Miss my Flight With American Airlines?

American Airlines Missed Flight

Know More Information About American Airlines Missed Flight policy

When you miss your flight, you look up options to reschedule or get reimbursement if possible. Not every airline is generous enough to offer you enough options. But, if you are flying American Airlines, you can take advantage of the American Airlines Missed Flight policy to make sure your amount doesn’t go to waste.

American Airlines has imposed a special set of rules which fall under this policy to help passengers get an alternate option in case of missed flights. So when you are a No Show for the flight, American Airlines missed the flight, rebooking is one of the options you get. Read more about the policy in the upcoming sections and compensate yourself for the missed flight!

What Happens If you Miss a Flight on American Airlines?

Suppose you fail to show up for a flight with American Airlines. In that case, the first question should be, what happens if you miss your flight with American airlines? Well, AA has an unpublished stand-by policy for later arrivals when you miss your flights because of that.

As per this late arrival missed flight stand-by policy, if a passenger reaches the airport within two hours of the departure of his flight, he can get a new flight at no additional cost.

In case the flight you missed was the last of the day, you may get a new flight the following morning. But only if you have one or the other condition mentioned below:

  • You weren’t able to provide the exact travel documents and missed the flight.
  • Arrived late for checking in at the airport
  • You did not get or apply for the ESTA.
  • You arrived at the wrong airport to catch the flight.

In other words, if you did not miss your flight intentionally, you will get a seat on your next flight. But you need to inform the airline to get it. Remember to call the airline in advance when it seems you’ll miss your flight with American Airlines and can not help it!

American Airlines Missed Flight Policy

There are some basic key points that relate to your missed flight on AA. You can take a closer look at the airline’s missed flight policy below!

  • If a passenger missed his flight with American Airlines, he could rebook the same itinerary within 15 minutes of the flight’s departure.
  • However, in case you delay in rebooking, the airline will consider you as a “No Show” for the flight.
  • American Airlines also offers the customers the same new flight free of charge in case they reach the airport on time but miss their flight still.
  • In case you missed an American airline flight because of a delay or cancellation by the airline itself, the airline automatically rebooks you on the new flight free of cost.
  • The maximum time to get a rebooking under the “No Show” policy is 2 hours. If you are at the airport within this time, you get a rebooking without a charge.
  • Also, you need to check-in at least 45 minutes prior to the departure; if you fail to do so or reach after the departure, rebooking is your only choice.
  • The charges for the missed flight will depend on the time you ask for a rebooking after the first flight’s departure.

While you check-in for a new American Airlines flight, the airline reroutes your baggage on its own because you already missed the previous flight.

How to Rebook a Missed AA Flight?

The way to rearrange a flight after missing it is very simple. American Airlines allows you to do the same online. Here are the proven steps to rebook an AA flight:

  • Navigate to the official website of American Airlines.
  • Enter the required details in the given space.
  • It may include travel dates/destinations/and others.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • You will be lent to another page where you will find multiple flights.
  • Choose a suitable flight option to rebook your tickets.
  • Select a preferred mode to pay the applicable amount.
  • Complete the payment to confirm your group reservation.
  • At last, you will get a confirmation text/email from the airline.
  • American Airlines Missed Flight Phone Number

In the event that you have missed or anticipate missing an American Airlines flight, please contact the American Airlines missed flight hotline +1-888-978-0366 right away. When contacting an American Airlines customer service number over the phone, it is also feasible to rebook a flight in the event that one is missed. Approach the airport’s American Airlines support staff to get assistance. They will advise you on what to do if you are unable to make it on an American Airlines flight.

American Airlines 15 Minutes Rebooking Policy

If you miss a flight, American Airlines’ 15-minute rebooking window is a great aid. Customers can get a free rebooking on the following flights if they miss their original flight and contact an American Airlines agent at the airport within a 15-minute timeframe. The booking code that was previously used can be utilized by agents.

However, co-terminals may allow you to rebook to the same location. It is not permitted for agents to overbook a flight in order to free up a customer’s seat. Rebooking is only possible if there are seats available on the subsequent flight. If the flight is a codeshare on a partner airline, they can only rebook you for the American Airlines portions and not the partner’s segment.

Arrival TimeProcess of ReBook Flights
Within 15 Min of Take-offYou can reschedule your flight to the next available flight based on the seats availability.

The rebooking is possible only for the AA segments.

The destination should be the same.

One can use the co-terminals for the same.

Get assistance from the airport agents to make the rebooking process.

More than 15 minutes but less than two hoursThe airline will put you in the Standby list.

Important Things you Need to Consider in case of Missed Flights

For instance, you get an alternate flight to fly standby on the next flight. For any missed flight American airlines lets you in on a new flight, but your reason should be valid. If the airline finds that the current situation is not your fault, you can easily get a new flight.

In case of unintentionally missed flights, this is what you should do:

  • Call on the American Airlines missed flight phone number 800-433-7300
  • Connect to your online travel booking agency in case you booked with them
  • Have all the missing documents at hand. Or, complete any other requirement which leads you to miss your flight with American Airlines
  • Get in touch with the airport authority to get a new seat on the next available flight.

By following these above processes, you can easily board the next flight if there are any available seats. Or, you can board another flight without paying any more charges than you have already paid.

How Much does American Airlines Charge if you Miss your Flight?

If you miss a flight on American Airlines, you can still get a new flight. As per the American Airlines missed flight policy, you get a 15-minute rebooking. This is possible if you have missed your flight because of a delay of over three hours.

  • When the flight you missed is the fault of the American Airlines flight delay, the airline will pay you 700 USD as compensation.
  • However, for missing a flight on your own, you need to pay the American Airlines missed flight fee, which varies for domestic and international flights.
  • The domestic flight costs you $75, whereas an international flight has a 500 USD fee charge.
  • The total Fees amount may change as per your airline choice and the route or destination which you are flying with.

Can I Get a Refund for a AA Missed Flight?

Yes. You will get a refund when you miss your flights with American Airlines. However, it depends on various situations. Move ahead and learn the below points to get a better insight.

  • Get in contact with the airline customer service department within 24 hours of skipping a flight. Give an explanation for your missing the flight.
  • After that, you can get an amount reimbursement for a skipped AA flight when you are proof to be qualified.
  • The sum that you paid for the flight reservation through your account will be used by the airline as compensation.
  • That said, reimbursements are not given for no-shows. AA occasionally reimburses you even when you do not show up.
  • American Airlines would consider providing you with a refund if your no-show was due to a medical emergency or another type of emergency.

Does American Airlines Charge for a No-show?

According to American Airlines missed flight policy, the airline will charge you the full ticket price as a no-show fee if you miss your trip and do not modify or cancel before it departs. If your ticket is refundable or qualified for a refund under no-show circumstances, you receive a credit or refund. The whole ticket value is forfeited For non-refundable tickets.

In other words, American Airlines charge you the whole ticket amount in case of uninformed missed flights. This amount is the same as the value of the ticket that you had already paid. However, you do not get an additional penalty or charge over this fee.

In Conclusion

The above steps will make you clear on one thing -you can get a new flight without a hassle when you miss it without any such intentions. So, next time you ask what happens if I miss my flight on American airlines? You will have appropriate answers. For more details, you can call American Airlines Missed flight phone number 800-433-7300 to ask for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a flight with American Airlines?

Suppose your flight gets canceld or delayed which made you miss a connecting flight. In that case, the airline will try and rebook you on the next flight with available seats on it. The airline also reroutes your bag by itself after you check-in for the new flight. However, if you miss a flight unannounced there will be consequences.

Does American Airlines Reimburse for Missed Flights?

Passengers are eligible for a reimbursement when their Amreican Airlines flight is missed because of uncontrollable reasons. However, in case of the missed flight where they may have not missed it by some precautions, there is a charge which applies. But you can inform the airline immediately and reach the airport within 2 hours of the missing to get a new flight.

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