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How Do I Book a Multi City Flight on American Airlines?

Multi-City on American Airlines Booking  Process

Planning a US vacation and having multiple stops in mind? If you are looking to add many stops to a single itinerary, find American Multi City Flight and ensure a perfect vacay with the airline.

American Airlines guarantees a premium travel experience no matter which type of ticket you book or what cabin class you choose to fly in. If you are finding many options suitable for your vacation, you can club them all to one with AA multi-city booking.

Major U.S. airlines, and flagship carriers often offer incredible deals or discounts to their passengers. Additionally, they have several ways for passengers to choose them as their air travel companions. Let us find out about American Airlines multi-city options in detail below!

American Airlines Multi-City Flights

American Airlines will help you create multiple city combinations to book under one flight itinerary. This way, instead of tracking each flight individually, you book multi-city flights on American Airlines, and find your perfect vacation deals.

To know more about this service, you should know about the American Airlines booking process for the multi-city options and other related points. Read on and you can find out how you can book flights with the AA multi-city option.

How do I Book American Airlines Flights to Multiple Cities?

To make air travel easier for you, American Airlines offers multi-city flight options. You can use the online booking tool to select flight bookings and travel types will include multiple cities.

So, when you create a departure and destination location, it becomes part of the itinerary and you can add other destinations. But how do you book multi-city flights American airlines?

Process to Book American Airlines Multi-city Flights

American Airlines does not allow you to choose your travel type as multi-city on the flight booking page. Therefore, you should use the advanced search tools of the website. Here are the steps:-

For American Airlines Multi-city Flight Booking

  • Open the American Airlines website and locate the “Advanced Search” option
  • Now you need to select the “Advanced/Multiple Cities” search option.
  • After that, a new page will open and you need to start over with the selection.
  • Then, you need to select a booking type. Here you can choose from American airlines book multi city flight options.
  • Now, comes the Redeem Miles checkbox. This option is not mandatory and only applies when using miles.
  • Further, you can start entering the flight location and desired date.
  • You must also choose the departure time of the day.
  • Then, you need to repeat the process from flight 2, flight 3 to flight 6. Six is ​​the maximum number of flights you can add to a multi-city booking.
  • Now enter the number of passengers and select the passenger category under the drop down menu available on the right.
  • Sift your search as per your fare options, travel cabin, and the airline, then click on the “Search” button.
  • When you see the list of available flights, you will see the total trio fare for both First Class and Main Cabin Class.
  • Choose a preferred fare and time to complete the ticket reservations.

If you would like to book miles on a multi-city flight, please log into your AAdvantage account using the link in the section.

After everything is complete, American Airlines will send you a confirmation email to your registered contact ID.

Can I book American Airlines Multi-city Flights via Call?

Passengers can also make their American Airlines booking under multi-city through the phone call. To book flights with American Airlines, they need to give a call on the given number and connect to an expert for flight details.

Follow These Steps to Book a Multi-city Flight Through Call:-
  • Find the American Airlines customer service phone number or directly call at 800-433-7300 from your mobile phone.
  • Wait for the call to connect and follow the automated voice instructions.
  • Select the option to speak with a live American Airlines executive and ask him to book multi-city flights for you.
  • Provide the details of every destination(maximum 6) and wait for him to offer you good deals on your selected options.
  • Choose the one you like and pay for the flight using the link provided by the expert.

Furthermore, following the adobe steps, your American Airlines multi-city flights will be booked and the airline will confirm with you via email.

Bottom Line

Booking American Airlines with multiple city options is like a blessing in disguise. Passengers can plan affordable air travel and do not have to worry about planning each leg of the itinerary separately. However, if you need more information on American Airlines multi city flights, you can contact the American Airlines customer service team for help.

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