British Airways Group Travel Booking


How to Book a Group Travel at British Airways?

Do you wish to book your group travel on British Airways? If so, you must have a complete understanding of British Airways group travel. BA allows booking group travel for a variety of groups, such as a household reunion, commercial enterprise conference, or college trip. The airline offers handy and low-cost preferences for crew bookings. In this blog, we are going to learn about the process, benefits, and more about BA group travel.

What Is British Airways Group Travel Policy?

British Airways offers group travel to its passengers at the time of need. British Airways group booking means traveling with 10 or more people in economy class. The group reservation is best for educational, sports, corporate, and social groups. Moreover, you can enjoy exciting benefits, such as flexible price options and committed assistance, at some point in the booking process.

You can make British Airways Group Booking for ten or more passengers at a time by filling out a Group Booking Form available on the Bookings page of their website with details like the number of passengers, date of travel, type of group, etc., and submit it to get a quotation from the Airlines within 24 hours. At the British Airways group travel hub, the airline aims to make a reservation for British Airways group flights a quick and easy process.

Benefits of Group Travel Reservation with British Airways

There are various benefits of group booking offered by the airline. Below, we have mentioned some of them for the convenience of the passengers.

  • British Airways has a dedicated team of experts and professionals to assist you after completing the reservation.
  • Besides, you can even book the flights by paying a small deposit for every traveler.
  • Similarly, you can modify your name in your reservation at no additional cost before the flight ticket is issued.
  • The airline provides a simple process to get the confirmed seats without paying full payment.
  • Moreover, a group has at least ten passengers to be eligible for a group reservation on British Airways.
  • Group travelers will be able to enjoy the extra safety, comfort, and safety of the passengers.

Note: Suppose you have any issue with British Airways Group 4 travel allowance, you can directly get in touch with the customer service team 24/7 (less than wait time).

Important Tips to Group Booking Flight on British Airways

Flyers have to know some important tips to book their group travel on British Airways at a reasonable cost. Read the following points to get a better insight.

Booking In Advance

It is good to book your group travel in advance and provoke the airline crew members so that you will acquire the best fares and the availability for the trip. Book your group with British Airways, secure your flights as early as 50 weeks in advance, and pay the balance as late as 8 weeks before departure.


Travelers need to ensure that all the group members have their important documents such as Visas, passports, and others as they may require through the destination.


It is advisable to maintain an open conversation with the airline supervisors or the representatives to solve your queries regarding booking travel if you face any difficulty during your trip.

British Airways Group Check-in & Boarding

All the passengers who come under the group travel need to make sure that they all have to reach the airport on time to complete their check-in process on the day of travel. Moreover, British Airways helps with crew check-in to streamline the boarding procedure dimensions of your group.

Flexible Payment Options

British Airways provides flexible payment options for the ease of its travelers. Moreover, you can use a debit card, credit card, PayPal, financial institution transfers, etc., at your convenience. Besides, you can get in touch with the British Airways group travel agents to acquire additional information for the same. However, you may need to open a credit upon confirming the reservation along with final stability near the travel date.

How to Request a Group Travel from British Airways?

Now you are familiar with the British Airways group travel and wish to learn the booking process. BA allows its travelers to make group bookings through online and offline modes. Further, we will discuss both methods.

Group Travel Request Booking Online Process

  • Visit the official website of British Airways.
  • Then, fill out the important information in the given space and then select the Submit tab.
  • Now, you need to make a request and provide the quote. Hit the Submit option.
  • After that, the customer service team of the airline will get in touch with you and offer you three different quotes.
  • You have to select one quote which is associated with your query.
  • Next, you must confirm your quote with the British team and move ahead to the other things.
  • Further, the airline will send you a booking confirmation number and other things over email once you complete the payment process.

Offline Request Process Group Flight Booking

Travelers are allowed to call the airline through the British Airways group booking phone number at 1 (800) 247-9297 and request the agent to book their group travel. Besides, you must share some specified information with them, such as travel dates, travel destinations, number of passengers, etc.

Moreover, you are free to pay some amount of money in order to hold your group reservation and pay the complete amount one week before the departure date. After that, you will be able to get the confirmation email to your provided email, and the seats will be assigned to all the passengers at the time of check-in.

How to Request a Group Travel Quote On British Airways?

Suppose you are a flyer from the UK or Ireland. You must follow the below procedure to request a group reservation on BA. Furthermore, go through the below points to get a good knowledge of the same.

  • The representatives of British Airways will assist you with your journey.
  • Also, you can book your itinerary by paying 20% of your total fees.
  • Travelers will be able to acquire the exciting British Airways group travel discount.
  • Moreover, you can pay your remaining balance 8 weeks before the date of departure.
  • On the other hand, you can notify the airline traveling atleast two weeks before the planned departure.


Hopefully, you will find the information about British Airways Group Travel booking, and you can use the above-mentioned ways to book the same. Traveling in a large group is fun and makes the flying journey more enjoyable or memorable. British Airways representatives are always available to assist you when you have any doubts or queries.

People Also Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. How to book flights for large groups on British Airways?
You can speak with airline representatives when you need to book British Airways Group Travel Tickets for a large group. Also, you must share the needed information over the call.
Q. How to book a flight for 14 people?
It is good to use an air charter broker if you wish to book flights for a large group. It is because the commercial flights or the group space has its limits. Besides, the term Group Space is designed for groups with more than nine passengers.
Q. How Does Flight Group Booking Work?
British Airways allows group travel for 10 or more passengers who are traveling from a variety of origins or destinations. Group Airlines groups are made with a fixed start and end date.
Q. How do I book a flight for a group of people?
You must connect with the airline and provide them with the number of passengers on your preferred travel dates, and then wait for them to send back a custom quote. Contact British Airways directly for additional information.
Q. When should I book a group flight?
The best time to book the group tickets is 115 to 21 days before the day of travel. Travlers can buy tickets 202 to 116 days in advance for more peace of mind.

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