How to Get an Upgrade on Aer Lingus?


Traveling with Aer Lingus but not satisfied with the seat booking or offered services? Get an Aer Lingus upgrade to find a seat in a higher cabin class booking with some extra fee and enjoy the exemplary benefits.

Customers who want to upgrade their seats to have a better onboard experience with Aer Lingus always have the option to bid. The airline will offer you a quote if it accepts your bid, or it may reject it as per the norms.

Do you enjoy flying Business Class? Make an offer to Aer Lingus upgrade that the airline can not just look past. Get more details below!

How Do I Check Eligibility For an Upgrade at Aer Lingus?

If you do not know yet about “How to get an upgrade on Aer Lingus?” or your upgrade eligibility, you can know in a few simple steps.

But first, know that not all flights can be automatically eligible for a seat or cabin class upgrade. Aer Lingus only allows you to request an upgrade on flights between Ireland, Canada, and the USA. Also, the eligible passengers usually get an email invite for making an upgrade offer.

  • You need to make a bid on the official website to be eligible for an upgrade.
  • In other words, you make an offer to the airline with a certain payment you are okay with to get the ticket upgrade.
  • If the airline finds that offer irresistible, only then you can upgrade your seats.
  • You can also find your upgrade eligibility first under the “Upgrade yourself” section.
  • Simply provide your booking reference and last name and submit it to see if your flight qualifies.

Also, as mentioned earlier, you will receive an email regarding the same from the airline. If your flight qualifies for an upgrade, you will find the link to make your bid as well as the steps in the same email.

How do I upgrade Aer Lingus Flight?

Still not sure “how to get an upgrade on Aer Lingus?” read the steps below and see whether you find any useful steps.

  • Customers who want an Aer Lingus Upgrade must make a bid on the airline’s official website.
  • The bid amount is usually an offer by the customer that he is willing to pay with his original ticket cost to get the new seat.

(Note: Aer Lingus has all the rights to accept or reject your bid, so ensure that your bid should be promising enough for them to choose you.)

  • Then the customer can provide the payment information as per his requirements.
  • Finally, recheck the details and submit.

Note: The airline asks for card details only to specify the payment information. The card will not get billed until they accept your bid.

How do I submit my bid?

If you wish to submit the bid offer for the Aer Lingus ticket upgrade, you can find the steps in the email from the airline.

You usually receive an email shortly after making an Aer Lingus ticket booking and the maximum time limit is around 14 days before departure.

To submit a bid offer to Aer Lingus

  • Select the flight you wish to upgrade by opening your official account on the airline’s website.
  • Now, move to the slider and state your bid offer.
  • Then, provide your contact information and review the details.
  • Submit to complete the offer.

Finally, the airline will send you an email confirmation of the upgrade offer. This email will also help you modify or cancel the bid as per your choice. Also, the airline will not charge you anything unless it accepts your bid.

In conclusion

Passengers can easily upgrade to Aer Lingus business class using the bidding method. In short, it is the only liable method that lets you request an upgrade, and that too if you are eligible. So, follow the steps above and make an offer for the airline that they can not reject.

For more details about the Aer Lingus upgrade, contact Aer Lingus phone number 1 (800) 474-7424 and connect with the agents. Our flight experts will also be of help if you need some additional assistance. So, call and get details.

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