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How To Book Group Travel Tickets For Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways Group Travel is the best way if you are planning to travel with your group and the number of people is more than 10. Moreover, the airline facilitates its passengers with top-notch services, facilities, and other various things while traveling.

Here, you will find all the necessary information regarding group travel on Qatar Airways. Further, you can book group travel tickets and obtain various premium services for your future trips. So, go through the sub-topics regarding Qatar group travel mentioned below carefully.

What Is a Group Fare Ticket?

A group is a party traveling together for one or more segments for which space needs to be requested and has a group fare. Besides, Qatar Airways group travel tickets can be purchased from its official site or customer service on behalf of its agents. Similarly, you can book six or more seats in one booking until passengers’ names are advised.

There are two types of Group Booking:-

Ad-hoc Groups

It can be requested to any destination anytime for any segment or customer type with less than a group size of:

  • In the Economy class cabin, ten passengers per departure.
  • In the Business/ First class cabin, six passengers per departure
  • Or, ten passengers per departure, which some are traveling ins Business/First, and some on Economy

Moreover, this type of group is secured through adjourned payment of deposit on Qatar Airways.


In this kind of group booking, you can book four to ten seats daily, weekly, or monthly. Additionally, the fare is assigned to a tour operator with whom you can make a contact. So, you can save an allotment by agreeing to a contract.

Types of Group Booking offered by Qatar Airways

Travelers can travel in a group on the same flight for a variety of occasions. Below, know the variety of events for which you can book group tickets. In addition, you can obtain Qatar Airways group travel services.

  • Domestic
  • Business Tours
  • Missionary
  • Wedding
  • Charity
  • Senior
  • Leisure
  • Government
  • MICE
  • Sports
  • Students Group
  • Defense
  • Religious
  • Cruise
  • Customized travel booking

How To Make A Group Reservation On Qatar Airways?

There are various ways to book Qatar Airways group travel. Further, consider the given below steps:

  • First, visit the official site of Qatar Airways.
  • Then, log in with your username and password or go as a guest.
  • Now, enter your preferred arrival and departure destination.
  • Next, mention the number of travelers; it must be above ten to be eligible for a group booking.
  • Further, select your departure dates for your next trip.
  • After that, click on the “Search Flight” button.
  • Provide the details of every passenger, such as name, phone number, and other required details.
  • Once you choose the flight for the group travel, you must make an online payment choosing your preferred payment mode.
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation email from the airline’s customer service department.

Benefits Of Qatar Airways Group Travel Tickets

Passengers will get multiple benefits if they book group travel on Qatar Airways. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Special Group Fares & Offers:- Travelers will obtain various discounts and offers on a group booking. It will help to save a huge amount of money.
  • Deferred Payment:- You will get a pay-later option while booking. Moreover, it will allow you to complete the payment seven days prior to the departure. As a result, you do not need to pay the whole amount on the day of making a group reservation.
  • Special Seat Reservation:- Qatar Airways allows you to choose your desired seats even if you don’t have all the passengers’ names with you during group booking.
  • Special Stop-Over Packages:- travelers can ask the airline to arrange custom stop-overs at special discounts. The airline will also help you arrange your important documents, such as your visa or more.
  • Extra Baggage Allowance:- Moreover, the airline permits you for extra baggage allowance during Qatar Airways group travel booking. It will make you able to take more baggage than the common amount.
  • Dedicated Check-ins:- With group travel, you can make a request for advance check-in at the help counter at the airport. It will permit you to check in earlier than another passenger.
  • Special Meals:- Additionally, you can make a request for a selected kind of meal, such as dietary, religious beliefs, allergies, etc. Besides, it will meet your needs & requirements.

Fill Out a Online Form To Book Qatar Airways Group Travel

Passengers can book group travel on Qatar Airways by filling out an online application form. On the other hand, they can connect with a customer service agent over the call at (1 (877) 777-2827) or 1-888-978-0366 and request a group travel.

Steps To Fill Out Qatar Airways Group Travel Form

  • First, go to the official site of Qatar Airways and log in to your account.
  • Second, move to the “Booking” page.
  • Then, fill out your group travel information.
  • Enter the passenger’s name, customer type, and size of the group.
  • Now, select the trip type, such as multi-city, one-way, or round-trip.
  • After that, choose your departure, origin, destination, and preferred flight number.
  • Further, fill out the fields marked “Prefered issuing office” and “Expected all-inclusive fare per passenger.”
  • Again, fill in the column of country code, agency name, name, email address, and phone number.
  • In the end, mention the remarks and submit your application.

Passengers can make Qatar Airways group travel bookings following the mentioned above methods. If you find any issues while booking, you can dial the Qatar Airways helpline number +1-888-978-0366, anytime to get instant assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q. Do airlines offer discounts for group travel?

Yes, Qatar Airways offer exciting discounts on group travel flight bookings.

Q. Is it cheaper to book a flight as a group?

Yes, if you book a flight as a group, you will get affordable deals on Qatar Airways.

Q. Do airlines charge more for group bookings?

No, Qatar Airways do not charge more for a group booking as it provides the best offers and discounts for a group reservation.

Q. What is considered group travel?

If your group booking contains ten or more travelers, then it will be determined as a group travel.

Q. How does group travel work?

In group travels, you have to share everything with other passengers in your group, such as mealtimes, etc. In addition, all passengers are equal for the airline in a group booking.

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