How do I Select My Seat on Qatar Airways?

Seat Selection Qatar Airways

How Do I Choose My Seat On Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is known for its excellent services, which makes it the best carrier in the aviation industry. Moreover, one of them is Qatar Airways seat selection service which allows travelers to select their desired seat while or after booking. Besides, you can find various seat types with the airline to choose from.

Qatar Airways Seat SelectionFurther, the airline was established on 22 Nov 1993 and headquartered in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha. In addition, it serves a hub-and-spoke network and provides multiple destinations in a single day. Now, if you are one who wishes to know the common facts on the seat selection policy of Qatar Airlines, then you should read the content provided below.

Qatar Airways Seat Selection policy

Before making a seat selection on Qatar Airways, you should be aware of the terms & conditions of the policy of seat allocation. Here, check out the below points:

  • Passengers cannot book seats in another class during the seat selection process. Besides, you can choose the seat for which you have booked your ticket.
  • Also, the airline is not allowed to change your change for free in your ticket class. However, you have to pay charges in some circumstances.
  • Moreover, if you select a seat during flight booking, the chances are high to get a more seat option.
  • In addition, you should remember that seat selection totally depends on seat availability.
  • Additionally, passengers can check in to choose seats. Also, you can select your seat from the official website or at the airport.

What Is Qatar Airways Seat Selection Process?

Qatar Airways Seat Selection Policy

When it comes to Qatar Airways select seats, passengers have the convenience of multiple methods. Below, you will find every method that helps you to select your desired seat on Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Seat Selection Online

  • Firstly, visit the official Qatar Airways website from your browser.
  • Secondly, log into your account or move further as a guest.
  • Now, choose the “My Trip” section and enter the required details.
  • Next, you will lend to your booking page.
  • Click on the three dots icon, then choose the “Manage My Trip” option.
  • Select the check-in option, and you will redirect to the check-in page.
  • After that, mention the details here, such as destination, arrival, and contact information.
  • Then, click on the “Selecting A Seat” option.
  • Now, you will have a page on Seat Maps. Here, you can pick your desired seat from the available seat and choose the “Confirm” option.
  • Further, you need to make a payment to confirm your seat.

Qatar Airways Seat Selection Offline

If you do not wish to consider the above method, then you can pick a seat of choice by dialing the customer service team of Qatar Airways at 1 (877) 777-2827. or +1-888-978-0366 to connect with its representatives. They will assist you in selecting your seat. You should share your booking details with them and pay the Qatar Airways seat selection fee once they book your seat.

Qatar Airways Seat Selection Via Mobile Application

It is also an alternative way to select your seat on Qatar Airways. However, you need to download the airline’s mobile application and log in to your account. Then, you can select your seats using the Mobile app Link .

How Much Does It Cost To Choose A Seat On Qatar Airways?

With Qatar Airways seat selection, you can pick your preferred seat for free for Business Class Elite and comfort, Economy Class Comfort, and First Class tickets. However, if you wish to choose your seats on Business classic or Economy classic, then you have to pay charges. Besides, the seat selection is free for standard seats for Economy convenience fare type but chargeable for Premium seats.

Generally, Qatar Airways seat selection fee ranges from $10 to $50. In addition, the fee depends upon some factors such as seat type, fare type, etc. On the other hand, standard seats cost $10, the additional legroom seat fee is $50, and the preferred seat cost is $30 as per selection policy.

What Happens If I Don’t Select a Seat On Qatar Airways?

The airline will assign you a random seat if you do not select your seat. Moreover, the airline management will provide you with a seat on the flight as per your choice. In these situations, you can request the airline to change your seat and share your preference. After that, if the seats are available to change, then the airline will change your seat; otherwise, it will not.

Which Seat Is Best In Qatar Airways?

As we all know, all seats are comfortable. Nit, if you are looking for the best seat, you will find it in the 30th row. In addition, these are the exit seats that provide you additional legroom at equal prices to any economy seat on any row. Besides, the seats placed in the 16th row offers extra space, but it could hamper your flexibility as this row is occupied with bulkhead seats.


Moreover, the above-described Qatar Airways seat selection instructions will guide you in straightforwardly selecting your seat. But if you cannot change seats or need assistance related to seat selection, you can dial the Qatar Airways helpline number, 1-888-978-0366, to obtain instant assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q. Can I choose my seat on Qatar Airways?

Yes, you can choose your favorite seat as the airline allows you to pick your desired seat under the Qatar Airways seat selection policy.

Q- How can I select seats in the Qatar app?

To select your seat, go to “Manage Booking,” enter the required details and then click on “Modify seat selection” to modify your seat.

Q- Can I select the seat after booking a flight?

Yes, you can choose your seat after booking at the time of check-in. But you need to pay the charges.

Q- Can you pre-book seats in Qatar?

Yes, you are allowed to make advanced seat selections as per Qatar Airways. Also, you can choose your seat as per your desire.

Q- Why can’t I choose my seat in Qatar?

You can only choose your seat if you booked your flight ticket from the official site or its sales office. Similarly, Qatar Airways seat selection also depends on the availability of seats.

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