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United Economy v/s United Economy Plus cabin

Booking United Airlines flights but confused over which cabin class to choose? Are you not sure whether to buy a United Economy ticket or purchase one in Economy Plus?  Find out the difference between economy and economy plus on united airlines to decide which one would suit you better. Both the sections are a variation of Economy cabins, but with some slight changes from the other one. So, read on to find out about the basic difference in detail!

Refer to the table below to find out basic information about  United Economy and Economy Plus:


Service TypeEconomy CabinEconomy Plus Cabin
Checked LuggageMinimum cost is $35 for the first checked bag in both Economy and Economy Plus
Carry-on LuggageBoth Cabins allow the carry-on luggage free of cost..
Seat SelectionEconomy Seats are free to selectThe Economy Plus seats are located at the front of the economy and free selection is possible.
Does it Qualify for a premium or elite benefitsYou can book flights, and your flights will earn you qualifying points/miles for the elite class.


Change of FlightsBoth the cabins allow flight changes at some minimal charge or free within 24 hours of booking.
Mileage Plus EarnYou can earn Mileage Plus benefits in both classes.
Which Boarding group out of five?Your boarding group number is three, of a total five.
Seat widthBoth Cabins have 17.3 inches of seat width
Legroom31 inches37 inches
Fare RangeMore expensive than Basic Economy bet less than Economy PlusLess expensive than Premium cabins but more expensive than Basic and economy cabins.


Are Economy Plus & Premium Economy Along with United Economy & Economy Basic the same?

Many people get confused when they read about United Airlines Economy Plus and Premium Plus. But the main requirement is not to get confused between the two. Premium Plus is the Premium Economy cabin, whereas United Economy Plus is a completely separate entity. The same happens with United Basic Economy and United Economy cabins. Passengers can make a United Airlines booking in any of the cabins and confirm their seamless vacations.

There are four major cabin classes in United’s Economy Section:

  • Premium Plus (premium economy).
  • Economy Plus.
  • Economy.
  • Basic Economy.

All of these fares above have different statistics and unique benefits. In our article, we are only discussing the difference between economy and economy plus cabins. So, keeping our focus on that, let’s read further to clear all the doubts.

Flight Cancellations and Changes: Economy vs. Economy plus United

Like many prominent airlines, United does not charge any change fee in Higher economy cabins and above. If your any flight, aka domestic or International, is originating from the USA and you have booked Economy or Economy Plus, the flight changes are for free. Though these tickets remain non-refundable, you can still get a flight credit and save your initial ticket amount for future flight purchases.

On the other hand, if you have a basic economy flight ticket, you will neither get a refund nor can you change your flights. The total cost associated with your flight forfeits in that case.

Purchasing Flight Tickets- Economy vs. Economy plus United

When you purchase a United Economy fare, you pay a little less than the economy plus. Usually, the fare difference between economy and economy plus on united is of about 10-20 USD for the extra legroom space. Other than this, all the amenities present in United Economy can also be seen in Economy Plus.

Seating options-  Economy vs. Economy plus United

When you have a United Airlines basic Economy seat and you need extra legroom space. You must pay a small fee to upgrade to Economy plus. However, this seat is available on any flight by United Airlines or United Express for United Economy Plus passengers.

Remember that your Standard tickets will not offer you an Economy Plus upgrade at any cost/ So, choose accordingly to get the complete benefits.

Which option should I choose – United Economy or Economy Plus?

First of all, it is totally up to you which one you may choose. But, with our above table and the basic difference between economy and economy plus united, if you need more legroom, go for Economy Plus.

However, if you do not want to spend anything extra, then stick to the United economy seats. If you need priority in boarding and getting off, the Economy Plus will still be a better option.

Further, you can get more insights on the difference between economy and economy plus united by calling a United Airlines customer service executive for help.

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