Can you choose your seat on United Airlines?


United Airlines Seat Selection: All You Need To Know Is Here!

When we think about travelling by air, getting a desired seat is a hope! But, United Airlines seat selection policy enables passengers to book their seats as per their requirements. Further, you can choose your desired seat while purchasing your flight tickets, through Manage Reservations after you are done wth your flight reservation, or during check-in.

Moreover, Passengers with special requirements may need to contact the airline and pay the charges accordingly. On this web page, you will find the essential information regarding seat selection on United. Similarly, you will also be able to learn the process of selecting your seat hassle-free.

How to Book a Seat on United Airlines?

Most travellers are searching about how to book a seat as the people are mostly not familiar with the United airline seat selection procedure. Additionally, when you book your flight tickets, you can select your seats. In addition to this, you can perform the online process through the main website, mobile app, or with the assistance of United Airlines.

Steps to Book Your Seat Online on United:-

  • Open the official website of United Airlines.
  • Then, input your credentials to log in to your account.
  • On the next page, you are required to choose a desired flight from the various available flight options.
  • After that, you must confirm your flight and select the “Continue to travel details” option.
  • You have to attach your passport and choose a seat, whether you want to get a window or aisle seat.
  • Here, you need to simply choose the “Continue to select seat” option.
  • After that, you will acquire a seat map in which you can pick your favourite seat and make the payment if needed.
  • Finally, you will obtain a seat confirmation email from the airline to your registered email address.

Steps to Book Your Seat offline On United:-

When the online way is not suitable for you to book your seat, then you can connect with the airline representatives. To do this, you need to find the United Airlines seat selection phone number 1-888-978-0366 and get help selecting your seats. The professionals at the airline help you in getting the best seat on the plane. However, you may pay the service fee at the end.

Book Your Seat at the Airport on United:-

If you do not select your seats while making a reservation, then you can make United Airlines online check-in seat selection when check-in starts. However, you might get fewer seats as most of the seats are reserved priorly. But, selecting a seat at the check-in enables you to avoid paying for a seat assignment.

Types of United Airlines Seats

When it comes to the category of seats, then you do not worry as the airline offers multiple seat options as per the passengers’ requirements. Moreover, passengers with United Airlines are allowed to select their desired seats. Here are the types of seats with their specialties:

Basic Economy Seats

  • Not a good option for Group seating.
  • Not available for upgrade.
  • Can select before boarding.
  • Changes or refunds are not possible.

Economy (Flexible)

  • Seat Selection is possible.
  • It can be changed.
  • A refundable fare.

Economy (Standard)

  • It can be changed.
  • Seat selection is possible.

Premium Plus

  • It can be customized.
  • Provide complimentary food/beverages.
  • Offer spacious seating along with additional legroom.


  • Offer complimentary food and beverages with luxurious dining.
  • Provide spacious seating with additional legroom.

Economy Plus

  • It may offer a little additional legroom.
  • Placed near the front section of the plane.

An Overview of United Airlines Seat Selection Rules

Before selecting your seats on United, you must consider some rules made by the airline. Further, read the below points carefully:

  • United Airlines travellers are able to elect their desired seat during or after booking.
  • Moreover, this policy applies to all kinds of cabin classes and fare types, except Basic Economy.
  • According to the rules, you can also change your seat before the planned departure time.
  • Besides, travellers are also able to make United Airlines seat selection a basic economy while making reservations.
  • In addition, the chances are high to get a desired seat when you make a seat selection at the time of booking. To do this, you can go to the “Manage Reservation” option even while you check in for your flight.
  • Similarly, USA carriers, including United Airlines, allocate Basic Economy seats to the passengers automatically prior to boarding. However, you cannot change these seats once it is assigned to you.
  • Additionally, seat allocation is not guaranteed, irrespective of the type of ticket. Likewise, the airline can modify your seats anytime due to unwelcome events.
  • Also, the seats can be cancelled when you do not present at the check-in time till the deadline.
  • Besides, you can perform various ways to modify your seats. It can be done through airlines’ official websites, mobile applications, and travel agents.
  • If the option of United Airlines selects seats is not available, then you can check the departure time for unoccupied seats.
  • On the other hand, by using the “Manage Booking” option, passengers can easily make a seat change and apply for two seats together.

How Much does It Charge to Select a Seat on United Airlines?

  • When the seats are available, the airline will not charge any fee in order to make a seat selection.
  • Besides, you must pay $9 as United Airlines seat selection fee if you are willing to book a preferred seat on the plane.
  • Similarly, the airline charges $150 for the unaccompanied minor’s seat election.
  • In addition, the fee will be $125 for pets, such as cats, dogs, etc, in the cabin.
  • Also, you will have to pay $16 to $169 for an Economy plus upgrade.

How to Upgrade Seats In United Airlines?

Other than choosing a seat, you can also upgrade your seats from the lower class to the upper class to enjoy luxury and comfort while flying. In addition, there are two ways to upgrade your seats on United Airlines.

Upgrade With Miles Online:

Suppose you have earned miles in your mileage plus account. Then you are permitted to redeem them in order to upgrade your current seat. To upgrade your seats using miles, check out the below steps:

  • First, you need to log in to your mileage plus account.
  • Input all the required details, including your name, destination to/from departure, and also the return date.
  • Then, you have to choose your preferred flight fare and pay using the available miles.

Upgrade At The Airport:

Sometimes, travellers suddenly plan to make their seat upgrade right prior to their flight departure. So, to upgrade your United seat at the airport, you have to go to the airline counter at the airport and ask the agent if any seat in your desired cabin is available for seat upgradation.

Which United Seat Is Good for Traveling?

NAGood seatsBetter seatsBest seats
United Seating optionsEconomyPremium economy, Economy plusUnited Polaris United first
legroomStandard legroom and spaceExtra legroom & spaceEven more legroom and space
Reclining seatsNANAFully reclining seats(seats convert to a flat 6foot) 6-inch bed with direct aisle access
Location on the planeBack of the plane (Basic Economy/Economy), middle of the plane (preferred seating)Front of the economy cabinFront of the plane
Seat map colorWhite (Basic Economy/Economy), white with a black triangle (Preferred seating)blueDark blue
In-seat powerNot alwaysyesyes

Does United Allow Free Seat Selection?

United Airlines’ free seat selection is not possible when you are not a loyalty program member. Similarly, you will get the airline’s service for travelling as high as your status. So, the same is for seat elections. Members of MileagePlus Premier can enjoy a complimentary seat in the Economy Plus cabin.

However, passengers with Basic Economy cannot select their seats. Besides, the membership makes you able to upgrade your seat to a higher class, including a premier cabin, for free or maybe a nominal amount. Therefore, you must be a member of United programs to enjoy a free seat assignment.

How do I Get a Free Seat on United?

Although seat allocation on United Airlines can be done by paying a fee, you are not needed to choose a seat. Moreover, you are allowed to skip the process of seat selection. After that, the airline will automatically assign you a seat for free. In addition, it may not be your desired seat (window, aisle, reclining, or extra legroom), but it will be free of cost.

Can You Choose a Seat On United Basic Economy?

Yes, passengers permit for United Airlines seat selection basic economy when they make it in advance. Similarly, you will acquire a seat before your boarding time from the airline. Then, it is not possible to change your assigned seat.

What Is the Preferred Seat On United?

Undoubtedly, choosing the basic Economy during your seat assignment is the best choice for your travelling. Besides, travellers cannot select their seats in the economy cabin. Besides, the seats are reclined and comfortable, which is suitable for luxury travelling.

Additionally, the airline staff at the airport will allocate you a seat in the Basic Economy Class. So, you have to share your preference regarding the seat with them, and they will allocate you the seat accordingly.


Hopefully, the above article will solve your queries regarding United Airines seat selection. For Additional clarification, you can connect with the Skycoair team at 1-888-978-0366, and the experts will guide you regarding any phase of seat elections.

People also Asked Questions:-

Q. Does United let you select your seats?

Yes, you will be able to select your desired seats for all categories of classes except Basic Economy. So, you can only choose seats during flight reservations or check-in when holding a basic economy flight ticket. For more, visit the airline’s main site or dial a toll-free number.

Q. How much does United charge to pick your seat?

United Airlines does not ask to pay charges to the passengers when it comes to selecting a preferred seat. However, you can purchase a preferred seat by paying $9 for each passenger.

Q. Does United assign seats automatically?

Yes, the airline assigns the seats automatically before the boarding begins, and they cannot be changed. Besides, passengers travelling together or with their families will not sit together. So, advance seat selection is necessary while booking and until check-in starts.

Q. Can I select seats for United’s basic Economy?

No, travellers cannot select seats for basic Economy and cannot get a refund with these seats. However, you can enjoy Economy Plus features; the standard economy seats have additional legroom. Besides, the standard economy seats can be selected in advance, allowing a free carry-on. All these classes charge for checked bags for domestic flights.

Q. Is it good to pay for a United seat selection?

No, it is advised that not paying for a seat selection is a good decision. However, most airlines, including United Airlines, charge up to $10 to $30 per segment. So, do not pay for a seat assignment when booking your flights, whether you are booking your flight tickets with what airline.

Q. Is the airline required to select your seat on United?

Suppose an airline shows that you must pay additional charges to pick your desired seat, and you are never needed to choose a specific seat. Besides, it would be best if you opted for the option of declining seat selection so that the airline will automatically assign your seats during check-in.

Q. How To select a better seat without paying on United?

United Airlines seat selection policy is straightforward, especially when booking seats for Economy. Moreover, when you book a standard economy flight ticket, the airline permits you to select a seat in this cabin for free while making a flight reservation.

Q. What happens when you do not choose a seat on the plane?

Usually, passengers who do not have any specific requirements regarding seats skip the seat selection process to save money. However, you must ensure that ignoring the skip selection does not mean you will not obtain a seat on the plane. In addition, the airline will automatically assign them during check-in for free.

Q. How do basic economy ticket seats work on United Airlines?

The basic economy ticket with United Airlines is less expensive and offers various perks such as seat selection, free checked baggage, etc. Besides, the basic Economy and regular economy tickets offer nothing extra. Additionally, the airline will let you board last, and you may not bring a carry-on.

Q. How United assigns seats?

The ticket is allocated a specific seat at the airport while booking a flight. However, you will have a seat map to view the occupied seats and available seat options when you select a seat. Using this, you can easily pick a desired seat.

Q. Do I pick my seat when I check in?

No, you will likely be allocated a seat while check-in by the airline. So, you do not need to choose a seat when you check in, as you will get a free seat. Besides, you connect with the staff and share your seat preference with them so that they will assign you your desired seat.

Q. How do I select my seat before check-in?

You can select a seat at the time of reservation or can do it later with your PNR or booking number on the official website of the airline. Moreover, passengers can also select their seats by connecting to the customer service department or check-in counter at the airport.

Q. When should I pick my airline seat?

Travellers need to choose a desired seat as soon as possible during their reservation. This time, the chances are high to acquire the best or desired seat available. After that, you may not be able to get your favourite seat.

Q. Where can I buy a preferred United seat?

If you decide to make pre seat selection, it can be done through an online website, mobile application, by connecting to customer service, or directly at the airport. Through pre-assignment, you can easily get your favourite seat on the plane.

Q. Is it possible to change seat selection on United Airlines?

Yes, passengers are able to change their United Airlines seat selection after reservation. However, they may need to pay the applicable charges to the airline of the same. Or, they can speak to a live person at the airline to get help.


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