Lufthansa Premium Economy Seats

Lufthansa Premium Economy Seats

Are Lufthansa Premium Economy Seats Worth the price?

Do you like extra space and extra services? Why don’t you go all extra then? You can get high-quality services with the Lufthansa Premium Economy seats booking on flights Lufthansa. Mostly beneficial for long-haul routes, Premium Economy seats mean you can be relaxed throughout the journey and get additional travel perks. Though they cost a bit higher than standard economy seats, they offer you many options. But are they worth it? Let us find out!

Lufthansa premium economy Review- what’s new?

  • During the past two years, Lufthansa Premium Economy has been soaring high in terms of popularity. It is the major reason Lufthansa has added ZIMprivacy to its premium benefit.
  • The airline opted for the ZIMprivacy by ZIM Aircraft seating company which is a recliner seat option in premium economy cabins.
  • This new seat has emerged because of the high demand during the pandemic, and now travelers only want a premium seat in the economy section of Lufthansa flights.
  • Moreover, you get perks like a 39-inch seat pitch in Lufthansa premium economy seating, and the seats also have 15.7 inches TV screen with a personalized reading light option.

The Best ongoing Lufthansa Premium economy Deals

  • Flights to Barcelona start at just 1200 US dollars
  • Paris flight offers premium economy starting at 1244 USD.
  • Fly to Faro, Catania,Cagliari at just 1280 USD
  • Many more offers to await you, just log on to the official website and find your perfect deal.

Passengers who book Lufthansa Premium Economy Seats with partners by 31 August this year will get double award miles and up to 15 percent discounts on flights.

What are the benefits of booking Lufthansa Premium Economy Seats?

The main reason people find or purchase the premium economy seats Lufthansa is to get more comfortable onboard. Buying a premium seat in economy cabins is like getting luxury brands on sale. You do not have to pay that much, but your seats and benefits are more advanced. Here are some of the major benefits you get with a Lufthansa premium economy booking.

Flying Premium Economy Lufthansa looks like:

  • Your Personal Space

You can get more comfortable and spacious seats where all sides have 50 percent an extra room. Besides, your armrest has a cocktail table which can put you at ease even while you drink something.

  • Complete peace of mind

Lufthansa offers its passnegers a practical travel kit in the Lufthansa premium economy class seats, which can help you relax and feel peace of mind until you arrive at your destination.

  • Entertainment options

The premium seats also have a huge entertainment section. You get to enjoy the in-flight entertainment with the 11 to 11 inches monitors while you sit back and relax in the most spacious seats.

  • Welcome offers

When you board the cabin, Lufthansa airlines have welcome drinks for you that are totally non-alcoholic. They also give you a water bottle at the seat. You can also choose from an exclusive meal menu and pay for it to enjoy premium dining.

Does Lufthansa offer Premium Economy Cabin upgrade?

Not all Lufthansa passengers have the benefit of upgrading their seats to premium economy cabins. Typically, upgrading Lufthansa airlines booking to premium economy seating begins at 260 USD per flight. However, the overall upgrade eligibility and benefit depend on the destination and route.

The upgrade rules are different if you have a short-haul or long-haul flight. Moreover, you can not request a Mileage upgrade in Lufthansa premium economy basic and plus seats. The airline will only allow you to make Mileage upgrades for your Lufthansa premium economy Flex tickets.

What are Lufthansa’s premium economy services at the airport?

Lufthansa also offers many benefits before you board. Let us find out what you will get with Lufthansa premium economy seats when you are at the airport premises!

Baggage Allowance

Lufthansa’s major perk in the premium economy is the baggage policy. When you book Lufthansa premium economy flight tickets, you can check two bags of a maximum of 23 kg each. Also, your carry-on luggage allowance is 8 Kg maximum. These benefits are, however, not included in the economy section.


You do not get a pre-check-in lane with premium seat bookings. However, you can take priority check-in purchases with your flights and enjoy early check-in for your flights.

Will Lufthansa offer Lounge Access with premium Economy seats?

Lufthansa does not provide any Premium Economy lounge access with the tickets. However, passengers can opt to purchase this lounge service when they arrive at the airport. Frankfurt Airport offers this service at a premium.

The general price for Lounge Access with Lufthansa is 25 Euros, and there is no time limit. Still, these premium economy lounges are not 24/7 accessible. You can get the best benefits with the Lounges, but you have to be mindful of the accessing times.

Customers looking up booking Lufthansa premium economy Seats can contact a Lufthansa customer service expert for better information.

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