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How to Select Seats on Lufthansa Flights?

Planning your trip with Lufthansa and worried about your seat assignment? You do not take stress as the airline provides all the information to assist you with the Lufthansa seat selection process. The airline offers ways to choose your seat after booking no matter even you are booking your tickets/ have completed the booking without choosing your seats. This blog enables you to learn everything about seat selection on Lufthansa.

Process of Select Seats on Lufthansa Airlines

Travelers can make Lufthansa Airlines seat Selection with a few clicks. The process to select a seat is easy. Consider the below steps as mentioned:

  • Visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines through your preferred browser.
  • Click on the My Booking tab at the bottom section.
  • Enter the information such as the reservation confirmation number and the last name of the passenger.
  • Select the Find Reservation tab to get your ticket details.
  • You will get a new page with the complete details of your reservation.
  • Click on the Seat Selection tab and view the Lufthansa Airlines seat map.
  • Once can select their desired seat for journey as per the choice.

Note: You can anytime connect with the airline for any assistance regarding your seat assignment. Passengers can do it up to 72 hours before the departure of the flight.

Highlights of Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection

Here are the guidelines of the seat assignment policy of Lufthansa. Read all the points carefully to get better knowledge and avoid hassles.

  • The seat selection is available with a confirmed reservation with Lufthansa Airlines.
  • One can select a seat from a window seat to an aisle seat along with the additional legroom.
  • Ensure to make Lufthansa advance seat selection up to 52 hours before departure. You are able to enjoy a seamless and luxurious travel experience with Lufthansa.
  • Moreover, you can select your seat at no additional cost when your fare permits you to make a free seat assignment.
  • Passengers who select a seat within 24 hours of reservation will not have to pay the charges for their seats.
  • They can make seat assignments for free.
  • Additionally, you can choose your seats for free when you book your Lufthansa flight tickets using miles/deals/ or offers.
  • However, you must pay the seat selection cost to the airline when you select your seat after 24 hours of booking the tickets.
  • Also, You must pay the applicable charges when you make any changes to your seat after 24 hours of reservation. The charges will depend on the time left for the boarding date and the date of change of seat.
  • Lufthansa will not ask you to pay any fee when you wish to make the changes to your seat due to any emergency medical situation after the completion of the flight booking.
  • However, you may pay for some documents requested by the airline.

Note: Lufthansa check-in seat selection is also available when you do not select your seat at the time of reservation. Make a Lufthansa seat selection online via My Bookings, or use your Travel ID directly to log in and select a seat while you edit your details.

Category of Seats with Lufthansa Airlines

There are multiple types of seats available on Lufthansa Airlines. Every seat has its different specialty and perks. Check out the type of seats you can choose from.

  • First Class: These seats offer the most comfortable and luxurious experience to the passengers. Similarly, you can even enjoy a fully flat bed, an exclusive entertainment system, and personal storage. The airline also offers access to first-class lounges/ a dedicated check-in/ and complimentary meal services.
  • Business Class: Passengers with Business class can enjoy extra spacious seats. They can even get the multiple amazing in-flight amenities during the journey. You can buy these seats at an affordable cost.
  • Premium Economy: These seats offer wide seats to the passengers that will make your journey memorable. You can enjoy the various perks with these seats. You can leave the plane as soon as it lands.
  • Economy: It is the most basic seating class that will come with Lufthansa Airlines. Passengers can make a Lufthansa economy seat selection through the official website with ease. With this, you can enjoy legroom, reclining, and the adjustable headrest. In addition to this, you can enjoy meal services and entertainment screens on long-haul flights.

Does Lufthansa Charge for Seat Selection?

Yes. Lufthansa Airlines asks to pay a fee for the Lufthansa seat selection process in some situations. Besides, the economy and premium economy seats are generally chargeable. However, you can buy the Business and first class for free. The cost to pick a seat on a Lufthansa flight fee would be between 12€ to 40€.

Seat assignment is free of charge till the time of 24 hours prior to the planned departure of your flight. The seat selection process starts 48 hours after booking the flight through the online process and 24 hours after boarding. Moreover, the cost of seat allocation depends on the type of cabin and the route booked on the flight.

How to Get Free Seat Selection on Lufthansa?

You have the option to select your seats at no additional cost when you purchase a flight. A small number of the seats under the seat map are free of charge. You have 24 hours after making the reservation to select a free seat. Travelers who are members of the Lufthansa loyalty program are eligible to choose a seat at no cost.

First-class and Business passengers on the airline are entitled to complimentary seat selection. With the exception of short-haul Economy Light reservations, HON Circle Members & Senators who are traveling with up to three companions can also choose their seats for free. You can use Lufthansa seat selection-free phone number to get the additional information.

When can I Select My Seats on Lufthansa?

You have 48 hours to choose your seat when you purchase a flight online. One has 24 hours to choose your seat before boarding when traveling domestically. You may select your seat 24 hours after making your reservation. The time is 12 hours before the boarding time when traveling to a foreign country. Once can choose their seat at the Lufthansa counter at the airport of departure. You may be unable to do it by any online process.

What is the Preferred Seating on Lufthansa?

The rear of the aircraft is the ideal location next to the emergency escape. Passengers who purchase in Business or premium class will not be able to use this feature because seating is only available for economy class tickets.

Summing Up!

You will be able to know everything about Lufthansa Airlines seat selection and its process by reading the above information. One can get in touch with us directly at the same time when you still have any query related to this topic. Our experts are always available to assist you (24/7 customer service).

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