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Lufthansa seat selection – How to book a preferred seat on my flight?

Do you love the views out the window? Or are you more of an aisle person and like to engage more with the activities on the plane? When you book a flight with Lufthansa online and do not select a seat, you will get a random seat at check-in. But this seat is sometimes far from what you expect it to be. The Lufthansa Seat Selection option allows you to choose your favorite seats in advance and avoid all the hassle onboard.

You can fly limitless when you enjoy the seats, and the Lufthansa Seat Selection service permits you to feel comfortable throughout your flights.

Does Lufthansa offer advance seat selection?

As discussed already, with Lufthansa select seats, you can choose where you wish to sit on the plane and enjoy your flights. So, if you do not want to ruin the mood, log on to the Lufthansa website and select a seat in advance. 

But, with Lufthansa, the process of selecting seats comes with some conditions. Read the article till the end to understand the Lufthansa airlines seat selection policy and process in detail.

How do I choose my seat on Lufthansa Flight Booking?

Take in the best practices that you can follow to choose your preferred seats under the Lufthansa advance seat selection service. The airline allows you to choose your seats both online and offline. Let’s find out the step-by-step procedure to be extra comfortable onboard!

Online Seat Selection 

  • To make Lufthansa online seat selection, log in to the official site of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • If you do not have a booking yet, book a new flight by filling in all the information and entering the seat map to choose seats.
  • The Lufthansa manage booking option will work for those who already have a booking.
  • Access the manage trips section using your ticket number and last name.
  • Choose the flight you need to select seats for and open the seat selection option.
  • Find the airline’s seat map to book an available seat from the list and see the associated amount.
  • Finally, pay the necessary charges and confirm your seats.

The airline will send you an email or text message to your registered contact details with the complete information of the seats with the updated ticket.

Can I select my Lufthansa Airlines Seat Offline?

  • Passengers who would like to select their preferred seats can make a call on the Lufthansa phone number 1 (800) 645-3880 and speak to the airline expert.
  • The call first connects to an automated voice prompt that tells you voice commands.
  • Follow the instructions to connect to a Lufthansa Airlines live person and request your booking,
  • Then, share your details with the agent and ask for your seat preference.
  • Pay for the seats through the link provided by the airline expert and confirm your seat on the plane.

Passengers can easily find their seats through these two methods and enjoy the most convenient flights with the airline. If you do not have a booking yet, you should always book flights first. Those who have a booking can simply make a Lufthansa Seat Selection request directly.

How much Does Lufthansa Charge to select seats?

Do you wish to know how much Lufthansa charges for the selecting a seat? You should be clear that Lufthansa seat selection cost is necessary when choosing your preferred seats.

  • Lufthansa Airlines will charge you a seat fee between 12 to 40 EURO.
  • If you select a seat within 23 hours of your flight’s scheduled departure, you do not have to pay any fee.
  • The Lufthansa seat selection free is only available while you do so at the time of booking.
  • The charges will only apply for selecting seats after the booking.

Let’s further check the important rules you need to follow in choosing a preferred seat.

What is Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy?

Passengers must follow these important terms and conditions while selecting seats for their Lufthansa flight booking online or offline. Here are the details!

  • The airline only allows you o book seats during the flight booking or at most 52 hours before the departure of your flight.
  • Lufthansa only allows your seats on the first come, first serve basis if you do not select a seat by yourself.
  • Also, the seats not available now are hardly available after some time, so do not wait for them to be available for booking.
  • Only passengers with confirmed bookings can make changes to their seats.
  • Selecting premium economy or elite class seats will have different costs and benefits as per the passenger’s frequent flyer status.

In Conclusion,

Lufthansa passengers can choose their seats for free or at a fee using the Lufthansa seat selection option. To get more details or clear all the doubts about seat selection, you can dial the Lufthansa customer service phone number and ask an on-site agent.

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