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KLM Seat Selection | How do I choose?

Are you planning to sit on a preferred seat on your KLM Flights? You first need to make a KLM seat selection online through manage booking. After that, you can get a flight seat of your choice.  To know about seat selection policy option, you can read the subsections below and get the simple and easy process to select your seats.

What is the KLM Seat Selection Policy?

Even if you are looking for a KLM Selection, you should know about the policy and rules to select your seats. Unless you have a clear idea of the seat selection rules, you can not choose the seat you want with ease.

  • KLM allows the passengers to choose their seats online while booking, using manage to book, and also during check-in.
  • If you forget to select a seat or simply do not make a seat selection, the airline will assign you a random seat on the plane as per the first come, first serve system.
  • As per the KLM seat selection policy, the airline asks for an additional fee to select an added comfortable seat of your choice on the plane.
  • You will get a refund if you have purchased an extra comfort seat, but due to some reasons did not get it on the same flight due to some reasons.
  • Emergency exit seats are only available for passengers who comply with each and every safety instruction by the airline.

How do I Select a Seat on KLM?

Passengers who want to choose their favorite seats have basically two options: Online and offline. Both these options allow the customers to make a seat selection on their flight with KLM. Passengers can make seat selection on KLM while booking, after the booking, or while completing the check-in. Let’s know about the process of KLM online & offline options in detail below!

To Select a Seat Online on KLM Flights

  • You need to visit the KLM official website and log in to your account.
  • Or simply continue to the airline’s manage booking section and submit the necessary details.
  • Now, you need to access your flight on which you wish to make a Seat Selection KLM onlines and choose the option for selecting seats.
  • A seat map will open in front of you with the available and unavailable seat details.
  • You can choose a seat and pay the selection fee to confirm that on your booking.

At last, the airline will send you a confirmation email with the seat selection details to your registered email ID.

Offline Seat Selection

Passengers can also choose KLM flights through the offline method. In this option, they will need to call the KLM customer service phone number and speak to an airline expert for help. The agent will assist the passengers in selecting their preferred seats.  For payment, the agent will send you a link via message through which you can clear the KLM seat selection cost and confirm your air travel.

What is KLM Preferred Seat Selection?

If a passenger wants to make KLM airlines preferred seat selection, he can choose his desired option without waiting for more time.  KLM Airlines offers a myriad of seating options so that they can choose the one that is suitable for their trip and fits their budget well.  Before making KLM preferred seat selection, have a look at the broad options according to your preference. Read on to know more about the seat map, types of seats, and the step-by-step procedure to select the seat before getting your bookings done.

  • The seat options in the first row after KLM Economy Comfort seats are under the preferred seats.
  • You can also find the preferred seat proximity near the exit gate, which provide more leg space.
  • But other than exit gates, there is no more legroom or space on the seats.

Passengers can select their preferred seating options or preferred seats through the above-mentioned procedures. To know more about KLM seat selection, call on the KLM customer service phone number and get desired help,

How Much is the KLM Seat Selection Fee?

If you wish to get extra comfort onboard, it’s evident that you’ll want a preferred seating option. But does KLM allow youtube to choose your desired seats? The response is, yes. You can select a seat on a KLM flight for a fee which is around EUR 20 for each segment of their air travel which is equivalent to 21 US Dollars for each segment. It is the standard KLM seat selection fee for each leg of booking which may or may not fluctuate based on the type of booking you have.

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