How to Get Over a Fear of Flying?


Aviophobia! This term must trigger some memories at the back of your head, right?  Are you always fearful when flying? Or do you dare not hop on an airplane just because you are too afraid?  Well, flying is both the easiest and the fastest way to travel between countries. However, many face anxiety and fear at the thought of flying or even boarding the plane.

Air travel has been a necessity for so many years now, and people fly for multiple purposes. Still, fear takes a toll on some of us. But is this it? Will there not be any solution for the one who fears flying? No, you can overcome your fear of flying with some of our useful tips. So, when planning a holiday of the lifetime, Don’t let aviophobia stand in your way. Stop searching. How to get over a fear of flying? And take a look at our few simple steps to overcome your Aviophobia.

Simple Steps get over the fear of flying Know what exactly triggers your phobia

Before anything else, you may know that what sets you off. Yes, you must try and figure out that exactly when and why your phobia comes and you react that way. This helps you identify the real cause of action, and you can manage to overcome your fear. Though it won’t help you cool down or cure anxiety, it may help you manage your trigger point.

8 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear of Flying

  • Latch on to triggers that set you off. …
  • Step onto the airplane with knowledge. …
  • Anticipate your anxiety. …
  • Separate fear from danger. …
  • Recognize that common sense makes no sense. …
  • Smooth over things that go bump in the flight. …
  • Educate fellow fliers how to help you. …
  • Value each flight.

Learn More about the Flight & your fear

It is exceptionally necessary to learn about your fears. If you find information on how your fear actually overtakes and anxiety hits you, you can be better at managing it. Suppose you can find a course that helps you overcome the fear of flying. Educate yourself about the flight by watching videos or offline programs.  Often the fear of flying or any other fear is related to some underlying cause. Therefore a proper study may help you analyze it and be mindful of the issues.

Read manuals and aircraft descriptions by airlines and only then make flight bookings. Passengers with American airlines booking can have the safest flights ever as they make sure the passengers are cared for.

Distinguish Between your Fear & Danger

It is usually tough to discriminate between anxiety and danger because your body responds to both exactly the same way. Be sure to mark your fear as anxiety. Telling yourself that anxiety will make you more likely to have terrible thoughts and reminding yourself that feeling anxious does not mean you are in danger. Even if you feel extremely anxious, you are safe.

Know that Anxiety deceives common sense, making it meaningless

When you are completely safe, anxiety can induce you to think that you are in danger. In these situations, your instinct will always tell you to avoid, but if you follow these feelings, you will always strengthen your anxiety.

However, You can win over anxiety

Usually, do the opposite of what anxiety tells you to do. Fight against what anxiety makes you do, but embrace the discomfort caused by stress. Watch programs that provide you information on flying and only then book your flights.

Smooth out Things That are Bumpy in Flight

If your anxiety gets triggered when there is turbulence, the best way to tackle them is by learning more. When you know about airplanes, their designs, and how they handle turbulence, half of your fear is already eradicated.

Moreover, you can remind yourself that turbulence will end soon, rather than pondering over how it can get severe. If you remind yourself that you are safe, you’ll feel even safer. You can plan the safest flight by making Delta airlines booking and thus, enjoy your time in the air.

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