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If you plan to travel with your family on WestJet, you should book WestJet group travel. Moreover, booking group travel with WestJet is better as you may avail yourself of endless benefits. Also, it makes your group travel easy and hassle-free. Further, read the information below to understand group travel booking better.

WestJet Group Travel Booking

According to the policy of group travel westjet how many people, you may avail the benefit of securing your flight with a holding fee by booking an advanced ticket easily. If you want to understand the basic facts of travel booking, read the below points:

  • If you wish to make group travel, you can easily book flight tickets and connect with a live agent.
  • However, when you make group travel with the above ten passengers on the same aircraft, the airline will charge a customized group fare of $50 per passenger.
  • If you purchase a refundable flight ticket and wish to change a name in the group booking, you can make it within three days before your flight’s departure.
  • You can change any passenger’s name up to a day from the flight’s planned departure.
  • You might use travel credits for any passenger flight booking without paying rebooking charges if you earned them.
  • Until the WestJet flight ticket due date, the airline does not provide any cancellation penalty of up to 20% on your booking.

Advantages of WestJet Group Travel Booking

If you’re traveling in a group, you can take advantage of many airline benefits right from the price of your in-flight facility ticket. With group bookings, you’ll get:

  • With WestJet Airlines, you can lower the number of seats for free. However, ensure that the total number of passengers should be more than 10 in counting.
  • Besides, it is a cost-effective and budget-friendly mode of family travel.
  • Once you purchase group travel flight tickets, you can enjoy WestJet travel agent group quote discounts and exciting offers.
  • Additionally, travelers can enjoy countless in-flight services in group travel booking.
  • Likewise, group booking provides you with an option to travel free individually.
  • You may use flexible payment gateways while you make a group travel journey.

How to Book a Group Travel on WestJet?

If you’re excited to book flights with your group but want to know how to make a booking, you should read the points mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website.
  • Then, enter your login credentials to sign in.
  • Now, move to the “Flight Booking” option.
  • Next, select the “Group Booking” tab.
  • Further, you need to input your destination, name, date, and time.
  • Enter all the passenger’s details, and you will get a list of scheduled flights.
  • Compare the price and select a flight as per your suitability.
  • Choose the seats, class, in-flight facilities, and bank for your booking.
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email.

Trip:– To know more about group travel booking, you can connect with WestJet Vacations Group Travel by dialing customer service to obtain an instant solution for your queries.

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